Few Submissions For Community Block Grants So Far

Clarkstown already proposed four projects


Rockland’s Community Development Director Joseph Abate said the county received $1,905,744 of for 2012.  But so far, Clarkstown is among the first municipalities to submit projects for funding consideration from the Rockland County Consortium. 

“We actually have very few applications as of yet,” said Abate.  “They’re not due until this coming Tuesday, the 31st.”

Clarkstown Town Supervisor Alex Gromack said, “We came up with a list of four projects.”

The projects approved by the on Tuesday in order of priority were:   

  1. Reconstruction of Squadron Boulevard in New City
  2. Purchase of a mini-bus to transport senior citizens within Clarkstown
  3. Funding to pay for transportation of senior citizens to special events
  4. Installation of pedestrian signals and detectors at Cavalry Drive and North Main Street in New City.

Gromack said the projects are scored individually and funding is awarded based on their ranking and the availability of funds.  One of the criteria for funding is based on whether the program serves a need of a lower income group.   Squadron Boulevard borders one of the New City Gardens apartment complex, which Gromack said was identified in the latest census as a lower income tract.  Senior citizens often have lower incomes as well.

The requested $115,000 for the Squadron Boulevard project would pay for new drainage, paving, sidewalks and crosswalks.  Acquisition of a new mini-bus would cost $25,000 and funding to subsidize coach bus rentals for senior citizen trips would also run $25,000.  The addition of accessible pedestrian signals and detectors, tactile arrows and locator tones at Cavalry Drive and North Main Street in New City was priced at $25,000.

Gromack noted the town has been successful in prior years with receiving financial assistance for senior citizens and mini-trans projects.

Abate said the review process will take several months. 

“We typically do our award announcements toward the end of March,” he said, adding that is could take place in April. 

Michael Grella January 28, 2012 at 05:51 AM
It seems all the funding is directed im New City. What about the rest of Clarkstown.
Michael Grella January 28, 2012 at 06:00 PM


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