Highview Crosswalk Update During School Board Meeting

The temporary one is being put up now and asphalt will be put down in April


At the Nanuet Board of Education meeting earlier this week, the board approved to remove guide rails for Clarkstown to move forward with the temporary Highview Avenue crosswalk.

"By passing these resolutions, the town of Clarkstown can continue the process that will restore the crosswalk to the playground from highview school and address some guard rail and signage issues as well," said Superintendent Mark McNeill. 

Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard updated the Clarkstown town board on the cost of the new crosswalk: $166,000

The temporary crosswalk is going up shortly followed by the permanent one in the upcoming months. 

"They've started the lines today (Tuesday for the temporary crosswalk)," said Highview Elementary Principal Barbara Auriemma. "I went out and talked to the workers. They said that they're going to continue the lines tomorrow if it's not raining and then they're going to put up some temporary crosswalk signs." 

Once the permanent crosswalk is complete and asphalt is put down in the playground, Highview Elementary will resume recess at the Highview Community Playground. For right now, students are using the playground that was newly intalled summer of 2010 behind the school.

"(The students can play on the Highview Community Playground) as long as it meets the guidelines, both the crosswalk and the continuation of the ashpalt," said Auriemma. "You'll notice it's still gravel where the children will be playing hardball. Once that's done and the crosswalk is in and the insurance company says it's fine, that's it." 

"Rudy (Villanyi) said that sometime in April is when the asphalt will be laid," said McNeill. Villanyi is the Facilities Director for the Nanuet School District.

Right now, where asphalt should be are rocks, stones and some "loose concrete pilings. There are certain things that have to be cleaned up," added Auriemma. "He said that as soon as asphalt companies get up and running, it'll go down."

stephany March 22, 2012 at 07:47 PM
that looks better than 99.9 % of all street a local politician or his relatives doesn't live on. redo it in asphalt or patch it like you do for the streets.


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