Jay Phillips Wins Election For Nyack Fire Commissioner Post

More than 500 residents of fire district come out to vote.

Former Nyack fire chief Jay Phillips has been elected as a commissioner for the Nyack Joint Fire District in an election that brought out more than 500 voters to the polls.

Fire officials said the election brought generated one of the largest turnouts for a Nyack fire district election.

Phillips received 321 votes and former Nyack fire chief Jim Scully received 197 votes, for a total of 518 votes. Voters went to the polls at two locations in Nyack: Residents north of Main Street in Nyack voted at the Park Street firehouse, with residents living south of Main Street voting at the Nyack Senior Center.

Although Phillips easily won in the balloting, the tally was very close among residents south of Main Street, with Phillips winning in that area by just one vote, 81-80.

The fire district's board of commissioners is responsible for the financial operations of the Nyack Fire Department. The department's line officers control the day-to-day operations and firefighting efforts of the department, which covers Nyack, Upper Nyack, South Nyack and Upper Grandview.

Phillips and Scully both thanked fellow firefighters for the support following the election.

Phillips said he felt the election was especially important for the fire district because of low morale in the fire department and what he considers a lack of transparency with the board of commissioners and the public.

"I'm hoping I can make a difference," said Phillips.

Members of the Nyack Fire Department are all volunteers. As a commissioner, Phillips replaces outgoing  commissioner Richard Matteson, who has been involved with the fire district since its creation 12 years ago. The post has a five-year term.

alex walston December 14, 2011 at 07:46 PM
bob people cant accept the fact. that they lost.... whos term is up next year?
emetib December 17, 2011 at 01:33 PM
The low morale is a fire department issue, not a fire district issue. I doubt morale will change one bit because of mr phillips' election to the board. I wish him luck and hope he serves with head and his heart, and doesn't merely do the bidding of a few malcontents and naysayers from main st.
Peter Klose December 17, 2011 at 02:30 PM
Mr Phillips we are hoping that the fire commission will move toward open disclosures and communication with the various villagers. Congratulations on your vote of confidence One important issue is the antiquated and extremely obnoxious method of notification of the various crews (blaring horn) Is there a way to bring the various companies in line with others in our county who use technology to notify our responders with the horn as a backup
Adam December 19, 2011 at 04:21 PM
I give Mr. Ryder credit, at least he's a real man that puts his name on his comments, and I do agree the district has nothing to do with low moral in the fire department. The department is divided you can tell from the comments from Alex "people cant get over the fact that THEY lost) who is they? And looking at any ones comments on this blog no one is complaining about loosing. And for Bobs comments who are the "certain people" that have to much power? Please Alex and Bob be real men and use your real name! WHO'S COAT TAILS ARE YOU REALLY HIDING BEHIND?????
sam.cohen1@aol.com December 23, 2011 at 08:46 AM
Well who are you Adam. Are you trying to threaten bob and Alex Walton. Are you trying to say that they are fake people? ..... Good luck to jay.


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