“Jobs For Heroes” Promotes Veterans’ Employment

New legislation would provide tax credits for employers hiring post 9/11 discharged veterans


Senator David Carlucci gathered Rockland County veterans, employers and veterans’ advocates for his announcement of proposed legislation, named “Jobs for Heroes,” to improve employment opportunities for former members of the military discharged after 9/11. 

The percentage of unemployed veterans outpaces the percentage of unemployed civilians in New York. One county in the state has a veterans’ unemployment rate of 27 percent, the statewide county average is 10.7 percent with younger veterans at an even higher rate. Carlucci will introduce the comprehensive legislation this week in the Senate and Assembly sponsors are being lined up.

“We’ve got to be leaders on this issue,” said Carlucci, noting that the last place a veteran should be sent is the unemployment line.

The bill would provide economic incentives and allow employers to receive tax credits for each veteran they hire. The veteran must have been discharged after 9/11 and unemployed for six months or longer. The tax credit would take effect after the veteran has been employed for one year and would be equal to 10 percentage of the gross annual salary. 

The allowed tax credit for each non service-disabled veteran is up to $10,000 and up to $15,000 for each newly hired service-disabled veteran. Companies can receive the tax credit for as many new veterans as they hire there is no limit. 

It is similar to a measure previously proposed, which did not get passed. Carlucci said steps must be taken to ensure the state budget has funding for the tax credits. Carlucci, who served on the Senate’s Veterans Committee, said the bill is meant to address concerns about veterans that have been raised by the Hudson Valley Veterans Advisory Committee.

He hopes the bill will make it easier for companies to hire veterans and provide the training that they need. The money saved by the tax credit could be applied to raise their skill levels. 

“That money could be used towards training,” said Carlucci.

Norm Cotrill, a Gulf War veteran, studying at Rockland Community College said the bill’s passage would improve the future for him and his colleagues. To get hired at graduation would be incredible, he said.

Another veteran, Philip Holder of Haverstraw is studying nursing at Rockland BOCES.  The former Navy SEALS medic said his newly started nursing service would benefit from the legislation.

The announcement on Friday took place at United Structural Works in Congers, which specializes in steel fabrication and erection.  Owner Cormach Murrihy hopes to expand his company with the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge and would like to hire veterans

Watchdog February 04, 2013 at 01:00 PM
Corporations are already doing this without tax breaks. Chase Bank is a good example. There are others. http://www.jpmorganchase.com/corporate/Corporate-Responsibility/five-firms-join-100000-jobs-mission.htm
Watchdog February 04, 2013 at 01:03 PM
Veterans are excellent workers. Training received in the military is excellent and can be transferred to most positions.
stephany February 04, 2013 at 04:55 PM
why would anyone not hire a vet, and if they are such good workers why are their so many not working..maybe they are not looking. I think it is important to point out that the vets, especially all recent vets, had a job and they chose to quit that job and deliberately enter into a really bad job market [recent]. unlike the layed off mom or dad, they had a choice in most cases i suggest carlucci look at vets pre service work history to get a better handle on things. like if they were out of work before they enlisted because that might be why they enlisted. were they given signup bonuses at any time, how much and what did they do with them have they been looking for job since they got out. where have the interviewed why were they not hired [contact the company] how long have they collected unemployment for did they exhaust UE and only now need a job. are they married, single,have kids or pay child support what is their total household income things like that should be considered when doling out these high paying jobs in the worse job market in a long time
NormCottrill February 04, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Stephany, I am a vet, I was at this press conference and I am quoted in this story. May I ask what exactly are you opposed to? I assure you, there are a lot of post 9/11 vets who were involuntarily and medically seperated. Would you prefer that these vets be unemployed? The vets that will benefit from this wont be getting $100k per year jobs. Please do not begrudge post 9/11 vets, especially post 9/11 disabled vets, moderate paying employment. They answered the call of duty to fight for this country and your rights, yet you don't feel a debt of gratitude? This bill is bi-partisan and it is a good thing to see legislators work together to incentivize (tax credits) the private sector (non governmental) into hiring these heroes who are disciplined, trained, skilled and often times retrained to enter the modern workforce. As a vet, I want to see these heroes excel in any private sector job they can and have been trained or retrained to do. It seems to me, that you would rather they jump thru hoops to be hired and better still it appears you'd prefer they meet requirements of obligation before they receive a job. I respect your right to your opinion and I am glad that you are doing so. You may want to be a little more appreciative of those who have volunteered to and those who have laid down their lives for you to be able to enjoy your freedoms.
stephany February 04, 2013 at 11:05 PM
wow what did you read to come to that conclusion. i don't know where to start . so let me answer your question with 2 questions to 2 situations 1 we have 2 people 1 a vet who is 25 yrs old, not married, never held a non military job for more than a month, was getting evicted, lost his GF who he d been living off, and lost his car already, so he joins the Army of of sheer necessity and does some minimal job for 3 years because he has no ambition and discharges honorably with no disability check to count on person 2 has a wife and 2 kids, no medical insurance,a small house he saved for years to afford,has worked somewhere since HS and full time for 5 yrs straight,no college, 1 -10 yr old car,and had been let go 2 yrs ago due to economy .no job in sight, interviewing twice a week, he has no income no UE, wife works part time mortgage is way overdue,and he is being threatened with foreclosure who gets the job on the bridge second situation. first guy is a single 30 yr old disabled vet who is getting a disability check and can collect UE for 2 yrs or so,reason for enlisting unknown,checks add up to 600 a week. not a month,va medical for free,free school second guy is same as before. who gets the office job


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