Legislator Ed Day Visits Nanuet Elementary

The Habas family asked Day to talk to the second graders as part of Teacher Jaime Gillies' social studies curriculum. She was currently teaching them about how taxes pay for services


Thanks to a request from a parent, Legislator Ed Day visited Nanuet second graders earlier this week.

Miller Elementary Teacher Jaime Gillies has been teaching her second graders about how taxes pay for services in her social studies class. In search of guest speakers who are paid with our taxes, parent Don Habas reached out to Day.

"I felt Ed would be a great guest speaker because of his experience in law enforcement, and his current role as a County Legislator,” said Habas. “I know he enjoys being involved in the community."

Habas’ son Sean introduced Day to the class.

“I spent some time in Ms. Gillies' 2nd grade class at George Miller Elementary School and spoke to the youngsters about the role of government in their lives,” said Day, who is currently running for county executive. “They were wonderfully attentive children and I hope they continue to ask the same tough questions when they are old enough to vote.”


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