Legislator’s Resolution Calls For State To Reduce Local Costs For Rockland County Jail

Legislator Day asks state to cover costs incurred by holding parole violators for more than 10 days.


Legislator Ed Day (New City-Pomona) submitted a resolution asking the state legislature to pass and the governor to sign pending legislation that would mandate the state Department of Corrections (DOCCS) assume all financial responsibility for parole violators held in the Rockland County Jail for more than 10 days after their arrest.

“It is not unreasonable to expect the State of New York to share the burden of the costs associated with apprehending and housing State parole violators who have violated State law and are not charged with any crime locally,” commented Day.

Typically, parole is granted to eligible convicted felons who have served substantive sentences in a state corrections facility. When a parolee violates the conditions of parole, a warrant is issued for arrest. These arrests are frequently made by local law enforcement officers, who house the parolee at the county jail pending transfer to a state jail. Often there has been a protracted time frame for the DOCCS to take the prisoner, resulting in added and unnecessary cost to local taxpayers.

“Certainly, our local law enforcement officers look to immediately
apprehend such an individual as rapidly as possible in order to protect
our citizens, as these individuals are often the most violent offenders
that would present a clear and present danger to our community,” said
Day, a former NYPD Detective Commander, adding that “it is not unreasonable that we expect State agencies to essentially handle their job and take these prisoners within a reasonable time frame, and place them in a State facility that is more appropriate for criminals such as these.”

He noted the 2009 State Budget actually eliminated a modest, partial reimbursement to local jails for all "state-ready" inmates, thus requiring counties to house parole violators at no cost to the state. The pending companion bills in Albany would mandate the transfer of these criminals to a state penal facility within 10 business days of their arrest. If the DOCCS does not transfer these individuals to a state facility within that specified time frame, and they must remain in the county jail, the state would fully reimburse the county for the housing costs now paid with local tax dollars.


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