Library Board: Geothermal Test Well, Tax Cap Override

They also discussed rainwater getting into the elevator shaft and the status of possible electrical wiring


The Nanuet Library Board met Tuesday night and most of the discussion focused on and possible security solutions. Patch covered that in an article this morning. The board also discussed other ongoing issues and approved a tax cap override and the geothermal test well. The approval of Architect Peter Gisolfi's building proposal has been tabled.

“We appreciate all input (the public) gives us and we give it serious thought," said Board President Paul Corriel.

Elevator Water

Library maintenance regarding standing water that has collected at the bottom of the building’s elevator shaft was discussed. Although the water has receded, the remainder contains oil and will need to be pumped out by a qualified contractor, according to a previous .

“It’s the first time that it happened right after we had all those terrible rain storms,” said Bell. “It should cost between $800-1000.”

"The elevator company are coming to take care of it,” said Library Director Gretchen Bell. When she first approached the company, they quoted her $2,500, but after looking around unsucessfully for competitive quotes, she returned to the original company to find, to her surprise, that they now offered the service to her for almost half off.

The elevator is also inspected once a year by an independent elevator.

“We really have to find out the source of the water and how does the rain get into the elevator shaft,” said Board Member Arthur Winoker.


Howard Heffler, treasurer, said that he is looking into opening up an account with HSBC since it gives the library better rates than Chase Bank. He added that he looked into other options as well, such as CD rates, but HSBC still had the best option right now.

“We’re really limited … because we’re short-term. The most we can go out is six months,” said Heffler, adding that the library is also restricted to commercial banks in New York State.

Geothermal Test Well

The Building committee met Feb. 7 and recommended that the board goes ahead with the Geothermal Test well since the permit for the well expires in May. The board passed a resolution to go forward with the test well, to be done by Connecticut Wells, which was arranged by the library's architect.

"I do know that they (the company) told us any results they find is permanent so if nothing is done right away, you’ve got information for later," said Bell. "In drilling in that spot, should the school want to do anything, it will be the same results for the schools."

The well will go in the wooded area of the library close to the intersection of Smith Street and the exit ramp of Route 304.

"When you come down the driveway and it curves in front of the building, right in that stand of trees there. We have to make sure we keep it off of the DOT property … (which) is on the other side of that fence,” added Bell. "We’ve had this proposal for three or four years now.”

Building Draft Proposal

When the building committee met, it also recommended that the board accept Architect Peter Gisolfi's draft proposal for space planning and updating necessary parts of the library.

Bell and the Board decided that it would be best for those involved with the draft proposal to attend to an upcoming board meeting before a decision is made.

Tax Cap Override

The board also passed a tax cap override resolution for the next fiscal year’s budget. This resolution allows the board to go over the cap.

The State Library Association recommended that all libraries do approve this resolution.

“We’re advised to pass this even if we don’t go over the tax cap,” said Bell. “It doesn’t obligate you to anything. It just covers you, should there be a problem.”

Electrical Wiring

Bell added that the electricians that stopped by the library has not gotten back to her about possibilities for electrical wiring for various items requested by the Friends of the Nanuet Library, which is a volunteer fundraising group that supports the library.

Friends of the Nanuet Library asked Bell to look into the possibility of having something similar to track lighting in the upstairs community room to properly illuminate art exhibits.

“The Friends (of the Nanuet Library) also talked about putting a flatscreen TV in the lobby so that we could advertise our programs,” said Bell. “It’s not very expensive to do that and the Friends would be paying for it. We just don’t have much room for a very big one.”

Other Items

The board also declared that the two trash receptacles that used to be in front of the library are obsolete. There are two new trash cans in front to match the dedication benches. This was part of a the front entrance of the library last year.

 Also, the library will close early at 5 p.m. on July 3 for the annual fireworks, which is being held at Nanuet High School this year.

Frank March 01, 2012 at 12:21 AM
So sad about the DVD's. Last year I donated over 300 DVD to the Nanuet Library so kids can have updated movies


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