Local Officials Oppose Poultry Processing Plant

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and Rockland County Executive Ed Day voiced opposition to a proposal for a chicken processing plant in the Village of New Square. Both officials said the location of the facility within a residential area is inappropriate.

The Journal News reported a plan for the chicken slaughterhouse had been given to the New Square Board of Trustees on Tuesday.  The plan from Adir Poultry of New Square calls for processing of 5,000 chickens daily from Sunday through Thursday starting at 5 a.m. 

Zebrowski said he remains opposed to the plant, which he said would have a significant detrimental impact in terms of air pollution, excessive water usage and long operating hours. Day said the plant would be an industrial facility requiring thousands of chickens to be trucked and from it throughout the course of its 21-hour daily operation.

“Poultry processing plants are known for their heavy water use, strong air pollution and are linked to environmental contamination,” said Zebrowski. “The facility is expected to operate 21 hours a day and process over one million chickens annually. This type of facility does not belong within a stone’s throw of single and multi-family homes.”

Day said prior attempts to establish a chicken processing plant have failed.

“Past reports issued by the County on similar chicken slaughterhouse proposals in the Village of New Square have deemed the plans incompatible with adjacent residential uses,” said Day.  “A case against any industrial facility in New Square is compelling, largely based on location and the transportation of thousands of live chickens through the streets of Rockland County."

 Zebrowski said he has been monitoring the project since it became public in 2009 and will continue to lobby Empire State Development to rescind its grant.

“I have monitored the site with neighbors, contacted State Agencies when unauthorized contraction activity was being performed, and consistently asked Empire State Development (ESD) to rescind the grant awarded to this project,” said Zebrowski.  “In light of yesterday's announcement, I will re-double my efforts in order to protect the homeowners in the surrounding areas.  I will continue my conversations with ESD and hope to convince them that this project is inappropriate for the area and inappropriate for a State grant."

The county executive said the application process would be strictly adhered to.

“We are awaiting new applications to the Rockland County Planning Department on any proposed poultry processing facility in the Town of Ramapo,” he said. “Once received, complete submissions will be carefully studied and considered.  Failure to follow the process may result in delays and possible rejection.”  


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