Nanuet Library Budget To Override Tax Cap

The library is looking to exceed the tax cap by about $225,000 or 10 to 11 percent to replace the air conditioning units on top of the library as well as other building updates.


With the weather warming up, the Nanuet Library is looking toward to summer with some concern. All three air conditioning units on the roof are past their life expectancy and one of the three is malfunctioning.

Back in January, the Nanuet Library board approved the replacement of the units. The project's cost is about $120,600, with $29,000 as the fee for Savin and the vote passed 3-2.

Because the library is a school district library, it needs to get approval from the Nanuet School Board, which it did at the March 5 Nanuet Board of Education meeting.

WHEREAS, the Board of Education has been advised by the library’s consultants, Savin Engineers, that the proposed air conditioning replacements does not exceed any of the thresholds of a SEQRA Type II action,  and


1. The Nanuet Union Free School District, as the involved agency principally responsible for the proposed library air conditioner replacement project, declares itself the lead agency in the SEQRA process.

2. The Nanuet Union Free School District, as lead agency in the SEQRA review of the proposed library air conditioner replacement project, declares that the project is a Type II action under 6 NYCRR 617.5, which will not have a significant impact on the environment and is not subject to further SEQRA review.

Because of this costly project, the Nanuet Library is looking to exceed the tax cap by approximately $225,000 or 10 to 11 percent. Board Member Tim Donnelly explained this necessary budget move in his recent Patch blog post.

"This is due to the library's problems with the air conditioners and several other issues that need to be worked on," said Donnelly in his post. "As I have stated in previous blogs, the Library was originally looking to raising a bond for $19 million to build a new building, however with the economy the way its been for so long, we didn’t think it prudent to put out a $19 million bond at this point in time. We are looking to a more modest approach of upgrading and reorganizing the current facilities.   So, instead of a $19 million bond, we are looking increase the taxes by $225,000 and get some additional life out of the current structure while making improvements over the next 5 years."  

He continues by listing some of the upcoming improvements:

  • a new air conditioning system (the current ones must be replaced due to age, and one uses an old refrigerant that is being phased out)
  • bathroom rejuvenation
  • looking to optimize space usage in the library
  • updating the tables /seating
  • updating the parking lot and some exterior grounds work

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NoName April 01, 2013 at 02:03 PM
If the Nanuet Library attempts in any way shape or form to try and have a new building built, all residents must strenuosly object to that and prevent it any way possible. I have no problem fixing up what we already have but, no way on earth can I afford any more taxes that are already sky high. Librarys for the most part are becoming outdated and antiquated. Where I grew up the same library stands where it is since I was a child and I am nearly 50. Getting a new builing built for the very few who work there is complete and utter nonsense. It is completely suffiecient fot the communities needs. Stop the thievery of the CDs and other property instead of worrying about a new building. Donnelly is 100 percent correct.
nanuet reader May 09, 2013 at 01:34 AM
Something I have not seen written about is the library budget going above the tax cap - they say the cap is being broke this year because of the replacement of the A/C system. Next year, will they commit to reducing the levy (since they won't have to pay for the A/C)? As we all know, the tax cap rules is a percentage over the last budget (that's why the school district didn't want to reconfigure the grades - any savings would then result in a lower starting point for the future year's tax cap calculations).
Zhenghua Cao May 20, 2013 at 09:14 PM
Last year, Nanuet Library had 202,560 visitors and the total expenditure was 2,654,000, or $13.1/visit. That means for those with minimum wage, we'll have to work for 2 hours to afford a library visit. The system is not working. We need to decrease the expenditure and increase the usage of the library.


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