Nanuet Residents Came Out to Vote Despite the Rain

The polling place was at the gym at Nanuet High School

Many came out to vote on Tuesday even though the day was dreary and rain was drizzling. On the were one Nanuet Public Library candidate, six Nanuet School board candidates and only four seats to fill. The budgets for the library and the school district was also on the ballot.

“(The turnout) is not bad. It’s a little slower than last year at the same time,” said Lucille Anemone, who headed the polling process at Nanuet High School. “I think the weather had something to do with it. I think hopefully when the rain is over, we’ll get a bigger turnout as the sun comes out.”

“The turnout has been pretty good,” said June Kracke, poll worker. “People have been coming and going all day. The (ballot) machines have been very easy and simple to work with. We’ve only had two errors so far today.”

Here are the reactions from the voters that came out today:

“I came out just to have a say on the budget and who’s on the board,” said John Schmid. “Pfizer, that’s the biggest issue. We need to refocus our priorities and ask, do we need all these programs?”

“I always vote. Since I was 18 years old,” said Edward Smith. “Taxes (are an important issue for me). They’re too high. We’re getting taxed out of our homes. I’m retired. My income doesn’t go up. It stays the same. You’re on a fixed income.”

75 percent of Nanuet residents do not have children in the school district.

“It’s my district, my civic duty to vote,” said Miriam Edelstein. “Money, it’s very hard these days. Taxes just go up and up and it’s only gong to get worse. Taxes are horrendous.”

“All I get is one vote so I always go and vote,” said Edward Smith. “Taxes are definitely getting too high these days.”

“I take this responsibility very seriously. I taught here for 35 years and my seven children went to Nanuet and they received a wonderful education,” said Catherine Nowicki. “Of course taxes concern everybody. We all hope that the taxes can be stabilized, but we also realize that at the same time, it costs money to keep a good school system going. And this system is good. A lot of the kids that graduate, come back to the area and live here.”

“It’s my civic duty (to vote). Mostly everything (all the issues) is important to me,” said William Baccaglini.

“I live in this district so it’s very important that the budget passes,” said Sue Vasquez. “Pfizer is still an issue. I’m encouraged by the Nanuet mall because it looks like they will be rebuilding that in one shape or form, which will help.”

“I have voted for 42 years and I’m going to keep going. This is our day to vote,” said Marilyn Wechsler. “Education is important. That’s why we’re here today.”

“I always vote,” said Kevin Pettus. ”I like to keep the taxes down.” 


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