UPDATED: Opponents To Desalination Plant Seek Local Government Support (VIDEO)

Clarkstown Town Board members asked to publicly oppose United Water project


Laurie Seeman, director of Strawtown Studio and speaking for the Rockland Water Coalition, asked Clarkstown Town Board members to publicly voice their opposition to the proposed Hudson River Water Treatment Plant in Haverstraw. She addressed the board members and invited them to join other public officials and activities at a Monday afternoon press conference in front of the Rockland County Courthouse in opposition to United Water’s proposed . They will have a box of petitions with 24,000 signatures from Rockand residents which they plan to deliver to Governor Cuomo's office in Albany later in the week

Seeman said the Clarkstown board has been more conscious of the issue than other boards in the county.

“Please join us in opposition, straight-out opposition,” she said. “We’re out on a limb at this point. We’re looking for additional leadership.” 

Seeman said the topic of water supply is critical to the future of the county and the proposed plant is unnecessary. 

At the Tuesday Town Board meeting, she polled the board members on their position.

Councilmember Shirley Lasker has been a vocal opponent of the desalination plant and said she would attend.  She said it seems like United Water’s shareholders get priority over its customers. Lasker said State Senator David Carlucci was expected to voice his opposition.

Gromack said he would attend the press conference and added that all members of the town board had signed a lengthy letter to the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) listing their concerns about the project.  The DEC held public hearings in March and accepted comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project until mid April.

Councilmember Stephanie Hausner also plans to participate.

“I do have serious concerns about the desalination process,” she said.

Councilmember Frank Borelli echoed Hausner’s thoughts.

“I want to make sure the review is as stringent as it can be,” he said.

Borelli said he would attend if he were available.  Councilman George Hoehmann said he has a scheduling conflict that prevents him from attending but otherwise he would have. 

“As we’re talking about how we don’t have money in the county, what we do have is water,” said Seeman. “We don’t need this water. This water that we do have is our most precious asset for our future.” 

Michael Gries June 21, 2012 at 11:15 AM
"State Senator David Carlucci was expected to voice his opposition" What's taking him so long ? He should have been one of the first.
John Taggart June 21, 2012 at 12:43 PM
These arguments are ridiculous. Opposition to this plant is opposition to a secure future. In the worst of droughts, with NO rain and 100 degree temp which would dry up all the reseviors, the Hudson at best might actually rise. How can anyone with a straight face say, water is our most precious asset or water supply is critical to the future of the county and the proposed plant is unnecessary, and be against this plant. Those are oxymorons. This plant has the lowest construction cost, lowest operation cost, purist water as a final product, no environmental impact, all private money, 5 years of high paying construction jobs, add to Haverstraws tax base, ect. The water goes into the common system, those in Clarkstown will still drink mostly lake deforest water. In Suffren area will get very little Hudson water. Haverstraw will drink the highest amounts of this most purist water and will get the tax benifits. Funny how the least effected are the most vocal.
John Taggart June 21, 2012 at 12:51 PM
I hope Carlucci took a look at the facts, and isnt afraid of radical special interest groups. All the questions that are being asked now have already been asked and answered a dosen times. We're all looking at Carlucci as a guy who stands up against same old politics. I hope to see him come out in favor of the desal plant now.


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