Elections Preview and Campaign Funds

Patch will be giving you an election sneak peek each day for the next two weeks

Patch has asked your candidates a set of questions. Check back each day for their answers. This week, we're looking at county candidates and next week we'll look at town candidates. Here's the line up this week:

  • Monday: Rockland District Attorney—
  • Tuesday: Rockland Sheriff—
  • Wednesday: Family Court Judge—
  • Thursday: Rockland Legislature District 14:
  • Friday: Rockland Legislature District 9:
  • Saturday: Supreme Court Justice:

Here's a look at their 32-day general election statement campaign finances as of 10/21/11 according to the New York State Board of Elections:

Candidate Running For Beginning Funds
Contributions Total Expenses Zugibe District Attorney $137,999.85 $12,665.00 $8,053.00 O'Neill Sheriff $33,446.49 $3,963.00 $27,126.41 Falco Sheriff $36,318.23 $1,675.00 $6,890.58 Brennan Sheriff 0
Eisenpress Family Court Judge $47,489.17 $25,959.63 $25,959.63 Chiaramonte Family Court Judge $2,398.00 $11,806.00 $2,344.05 Riley Family Court Judge $4,373.10 $150.00 0
Paul District 14 $10,681.95 $199.00 $3,568.61 Stewart District 14 0
$7,800.00 $2,436.34 Carey District 9
$12,094.14 $600.00 $4,866.65 Martone District 9
$2,154.56 $5,013.00 $4,213.89 DiBella Supreme Court $59,634.93 $10,949.00 $10,102.21 Marx Supreme Court  $28,261.28 $12,950.00 
$10,431.40 Borrelli Supreme Court 0
$590.00 $1,524.67

Chiaramonte and Paul's numbers are pre primary totals while everyone else is pre general election totals. Stewart's totals are from July 2011 and Borrelli had an additional $1,350 in miscellaneous receipts so his closing debt is not under zero. For a closer look at who's giving who how much, go to http://www.elections.state.ny.us/recipientstext.html

politico October 23, 2011 at 12:46 PM
The posted results are useless as they reflect totals from mid-July. The next candidate's report is not due until 10/25 thru 10/28. When will those results be posted in the newsletter-never, I guess.
Tony T November 08, 2011 at 12:55 PM
Are all the "Beginning Funds" from July 2011 is not when? Does this include money raised, given and spent by the County and State Parties???


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