Police: Michael Hirsch of New City Arrested in NYC Investigation

Vocal community activist accused of grand larceny, falsifying records. Hirsch denies allegations, pleads not guilty.

Contractor Michael Hirsch of New City, a vocal community activist who has been a leader of on-going calls for lower taxes in Clarkstown, was arrested Tuesday in a New York City investigation, according to New York City Police.

Hirsch, 62, said this afternoon he has pleaded not guilty in connection with the charges that were filed against him for his business dealings with the city. Police said Hirsch was arrested 10:45 a..m. Tuesday on charges that include:

- Offering a false instrument for filing

- grand larceny

- petty larceny

- Falisfying business records

New York City Police said the charges stem from a probe of workers' pay. Police said Hirsch is accused of falsifying records submitted to New York City.

Hirsch said he entered a not guilty plea during an arraignment in Manhattan.

"I have not done anything wrong," Hirsch said this afternoon.

Hirsch said he could not discuss details regarding the charges.

The New York City District Attorney's Office confirmed the arrest but said it could not comment on the investigation until after a court hearing expected on Thursday.

Hirsch's contracting business is based in New City but he said he primarily does work in the surrounding area, including Westchester and New York City.

Hirsch has been a vocal advocate for reducing the size of local government and cutting local tax bills. For several years he has regularly attended Clarkstown Town Board meetings, urging Town Board members and town officials to enact efficiencies and pass along savings that would help lower taxes.

He is also active in the business community in Rockland County.

Mike Hirsch September 27, 2012 at 07:06 PM
I have decided to cease being a "vocal citizen advocate" until I can tell the story, so I will not be commenting on Patch until that time. I do not want to become a distraction for all the good work that the Clarkstown Taxpayer group has accomplished and will continue to accomplish. We should all be very happy that there is finally a group of committed citizens who are acting in opposition to the one party rule in our town.
Michael September 29, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Does anyone else see the fantastic irony in the fact that it took the government 4 years and probably cost more to investigate than the arrested is accused of stealing? Even in being arrested the accused is able to highlight ridiculous government spending.
stephany September 29, 2012 at 08:37 PM
you got it 100% backwards-and that is not what Pat said-the state has to prove his guilt not him prove his innocence. and if they don't.. game over. unless of course the jury decides to disregard their oath and convict on no or insufficient evidence, which is all to prevalent today and should worry everyone who is ever charged
Clarkstown life September 30, 2012 at 06:44 PM
Michael.....the only irony I see is that people are bending over backward giving him the benefit of the doubt.....and the spin you are putting on it is utterly ridiculous......so anything but an immediate arrest after the crime, society should just blow it off?
jeff meyer October 01, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Michael, there is no "fantastic irony". None at all. It is best just to remain silent and let the justice system run its course as opposed to your abstract justification regarding a criminal complaint. Jeff Meyer Tuckahoe, NY


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