Police Officer Resignation, Historic House’s Future

Clarkstown Town Board agenda items expected to draw questions from community members


The Clarkstown Town Board meets Tuesday night with an agenda comprised of presentations, personnel appointments, bid authorizations, a police officer resignation and possible discussion of historic house preservation. Community members are expected to ask for more specifics about several agenda items.

Members of the Clarkstown Taxpayers have indicated they will ask the town board to look further into the circumstances of the resignation of Police Officer William Sherwood. The resignation of the Washingtonville resident is retroactive to January 17.

Supporters of historic preservation in the town have expressed concern over the fate of the Vanderbilt and Traphagen houses on the Traphagen property on Germonds Road in West Nyack. The two houses sit on the nine-acre site purchased by the town in 2011. The board is tentatively scheduled to vote on an environmental impact review of the parcel’s proposed subdivision.

Board members will vote on temporary police officer appointments for: William J. Cunnane, Aaron D. Gould, Michael G. Graham, Henry Mendez, Steven Quinones, Matthew J. Sheehy, Matthew E. Usefof, all at the annual salary of $59,398 and the permanent appointment of Robert J. McDermott with a yearly salary of $71,275

A bonding resolution for $179,690 for technology upgrades for town hall and the police department will be considered. The improvements would include updated network, engineering imaging, police mobile data communications, mobile switching and standby emergency power components. The board will vote on authorizing the advertising of bids for two trailer-mounted generators, two trailer mounted Led light towers, the 2013 Roadway Resurfacing and Concrete Curb and Sidewalk Replacement programs. 

According to the supervisor's office, the intended use of the trailer-mounted generators and lights is for emergencies at the town's 15 sewer pump stations.

They will vote on authorizing the acceptance of easements for ingress, egress, construction and maintenance of sewer pump stations in conjunction with an Intermunicipal Agreement with Rockland County Sewer District #1. The agreement would be amended to add the Main Street and Long Clove Road in New City station, New Haven Ave and Lake Nanuet Park in Nanuet facility and North Greenbush Road in West Nyack station. The board voted in January in favor of eminent domain to obtain an easement for the North Greenbush Road site in West Nyack.

The county will reimburse the town for construction and engineering costs up to $11 million and lease the pump stations and sewer lines for 30 years.  

Town members will give out the 2012 Pride of Clarkstown Awards to the following honorees: 

  • Majestic Lawn Care and Landscape Adopt-a-Spot of Congers for the Community Project Category
  • Safe Harbour Group, Ltd. in New City for the Professional Office Category
  • Jimmy’s on Main of Nanuet for the Food/Hospitality Category
  • Jewish Community Campus Rockland (JCC Rockland) in West Nyack for the Non-Profit Category
  • Kohl Industrial Park of Congers for the Industrial Category
  • Red Hill Nursery in New City for the Small Business Category
  • Grand Prize Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac of Nanuet for the Shopping Center/Retail Category
  • John Mini Distinctive Landscapes in Congers for the Service Business Category           

A posthumous award will be presented in Dorie McMaster’s name for the Civic Pride Category.

I left out the possible effects of the S&P goverment investigation...time will tell if it has a severe impact on all municiplaties ratings...the S&P is now in the spotlight..their track record wil be analized..who knows if borrowing for towns and cities will be impacted...
Joan K February 05, 2013 at 04:18 PM
It is a shame that Dorie didn't live to get this award presented to her. No doubt her family will be happy to accept it and will cherish it.
stephany February 05, 2013 at 06:29 PM
according to RT the traphagen property was purchased as open space. well there is certainly a lot of talk going on about what to do with it considering it is open space.can Gromack state for the record that it is open space and close the door on any expansion onto it,,upper or lower. the property was purchased as 1 parcel. of course i mean bonded out when i say purchased. I cannot see building houses as it's location to the park with all then noise,lights,traffic rules that out especially with all the houses available in quite secluded areas. I have serious questions of any builder who would make an offer of 900k for this property.buying it and spending money on it does not work for me. WAS THE BUILDER,THEIR SPOUSE,CHILD, FRIEND OR AGENT WHO OFFERED 900K AN EMPLOYEE OF CLARKSTOWN OR ROCKLAND. it would not surprise me at all if this whole thing was rigged, was their any counter offer from the builder when the town matched or beat the offer ever so slightly. i mean,,if they really wanted the property what is a few thousand more,considering the town financial straights the town may not have counter offered. If the land is not appropriate for building houses on ,as i contend, why did we pay like it was.Traphagen was loaded maybe we could have gotten it for nothing or real cheap if no one wanted to lose money on it. Maybe rename germonds pk, traphagen pk worst case scenario is the estate continued to pay taxes on it while the town designated the house a landmark
Samantha Rose February 06, 2013 at 12:22 AM
Whats disgusting is just how this police officer was mistreated, an black mailed out of his position and into a resignation, by the board and the clarktown police captain. Its all part of a scape goat plan to get tax oayer pressure off the high amounts (salary) many of these officers recieve. For a highly decorated, swat/bomb squad, respected officer.. Who has recieved numerous awards fir his service to the community, to get pushed out by these "politicans" to prove a polital point ... I speak of the former captain and other personal vendettas the current board is oersuing. Its absolutly disgusting that this is their scare tactic. Wasting our tax payer money on MORE rediculous expendatures.. How about getting rid of officers who actually commit crimes. You know the ones, been arrested for domestic violence, for drug, guns and other various infractions... But no to our dismay, our wonderful board as well as captain of the police who are supposed to protect us, allows those men to stay on active duty and to retire with their pension.. But this officer has NEVER has an infraction and gets hung out to dry? Well town board you havent distracted me fron the real issues our town is having.
stephany February 06, 2013 at 02:23 AM
why doesn't he sue. firing anyone for stealing 4 hrs OT is a little harsh and very suspicious, pba lawyers are free i think..did he have to sign something where he agreed to not sue and if he did what did his lawyer say re: signing. has the c town board passed one of those backroom laws that makes it impossible to sue them


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