Rockland Launches New Travel & Tourism Guide And TV Commercial

County offers free advertising on its tourism web site for businesses, event planners and tourist attractions.


Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef announced the introduction of the new 2012 Travel & Entertainment Guide produced by Tourism & Local Development of the county. The 50-page Guide includes comprehensive listings of Rockland’s tourist attractions, which include parks, hotels, historic sites, theaters and arts
organizations, farmers’ markets, restaurants and more.

To coincide with the launch of the new Guide, Vanderhoef said, Rockland
Tourism & Local Development will offer free advertising to businesses, event makers and tourist attractions on its website, www.rocktourism.com.

“We’re proud to offer this new Travel & Entertainment Guide as a promotional vehicle to help market Rockland County in a new and innovative way,” said Vanderhoef. “And the advent of free advertising on the Rockland Tourism website, www.rocktourism.com, accomplishes the intention of what the tourism and local development function was always meant to be - a free and invaluable promotional service to Rockland County’s business and arts communities.”

Harriet Cornell, Chairwoman of the Rockland County Legislature, supported the marketing initiative.

“Tourism has an enormous economic impact when actively promoted. Rockland has it all - historic sites and the Hudson River, arts happenings, great restaurants and hotels - and the Guide will provide comprehensive information,” she said. “The addition of free advertising on the Rockland Tourism website highlights the county’s commitment to promoting our local attractions and ensuring expanded visitor-ship.”

The 2012 Travel & Entertainment Guide will be available at hotels, restaurants, and tourist and visitor centers throughout the Hudson Valley region, New Jersey and Manhattan. According to CJ Miller, coordinator of Tourism & Local Development, the guide is being promoted regionally with a television commercial campaign featuring some of Rockland County’s many tourist attractions.

The commercial is now airing on Cablevision in areas of New Jersey and selected boroughs of New York City as well as the Hudson Valley. The TV spot is part of a regional promotional campaign designed to boost Rockland’s tourism and business economy, Miller said. A similar promotional campaign will run in expanded markets, including New York City, this fall.

Miller noted that 2011 I Love New York state grant funding paid for the Guide and TV commercial campaign.

“We’re excited to increase our outreach and bring even more tourists and visitors here to our beautiful county,” said Miller. “We believe this is an effective, creative way to leverage our grant dollars and drive our tourism and business economy to get the word out about all there is to do, see and enjoy here in Rockland.”

The commercial also highlights the website and encourages
visitors to sign up for its weekly email newsletter, “Spend
This Weekend in Rockland,” which reaches more than 40,000 email users
throughout the Hudson Valley region and beyond.

Free ads will be posted on www.rocktourism.com on a first come, first serve basis and will be rotated monthly, Miller said. She encouraged members of the business and arts communities to visit the website and review advertising guidelines and restrictions before submitting ads to info@rocktourism.com for posting.


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