Rockland Legislature Debates Budget Veto Override

The legislature meets Tuesday night to decide what to do about the 2013 budget line items vetoed by the county executive last week


The Rockland County Legislature meets Tuesday night and must decide if it will attempt to override the county executive’s veto of many line items in the revised 2013 budget.  The legislature must have a two-thirds majority or 12 of the 17 legislators voting in favor of the override for it to pass. The revised budget was originally passed with 10 legislators in favor and seven opposed.

C. Scott Vanderhoef announced last Wednesday he had decided to veto a majority of the line items, which the legislature had put into place. He left in the reinstatement of Sheriff’s Patrol Officers, Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol and Mosquito Control Program.  However, he vetoed most of the which revoked his initial elimination of the food service program in the jail, county security and laundry and radiology services at Summit Park.  Vanderhoef eliminated the jobs tied to those programs and proposed bringing in outside contractors at a lower cost. Some legislators believed that violated the county’s contract with the CSEA and other unions. Charts showing the details of Vanderhoef's decision are attached to this article.

The legislators will consider three resolutions and decide whether to vote to: accept the report of the budget & finance committee; adopt the 2013 budget and appropriate 2013 budget items.

Additionally the legislature will hold two public hearings at the beginning of its 7 p.m. meeting on licensing master electricians in the county and licensing electrical inspectors and establishing a code enforcement program.

Resolutions from the Multi-Services Committee will come up for a full legislative vote. These include the appointment of Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky as the Rockland County Democratic Elections Commissioner and a request to the state legislature to amend education law to allow state aid payments even if schools do not meet the 180-day requirement in the 2012-2103 school year due to natural disasters.  Another resolution being presented, which was passed by the Budget & Finance Committee, urges the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to grant tax relief individuals and businesses suffering financial losses due to Hurricane Sandy.


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