Sparaco Looks to Tweak Gun Laws

His resolution passed at Tuesday's legislature meeting


At Tuesday’s Rockland County Legislature meeting, a resolution amended by Legislator Frank Sparaco urging the state to make changes to the NY SAFE Act passed 10-5 with two absences.

On Thursday, Sparaco announced to the public some more details about his amendment to a resolution originally brought to the legislature by Legislators Ed Day and Chris Carey.

Sparaco at Tuesday’s meeting said his amendment wasn’t asking the state to repeal the SAFE Act, as there are parts included in the bill he supports.

“It’s essentially a repeal of all the bad parts of the SAFE Act,” Sparaco said.

Those parts of the SAFE Act include:

  • prohibiting magazines with a capacity of more than seven rounds of ammunition
  • requiring individuals to register rifles
  • requiring dealers to conduct background checks and maintain records for the sale of ammunition
  • requiring individuals to renew permits every five years
  • expanding the definition of assault weapons based on arbitrary features, rather than function or use

Sparaco’s resolution also asks to provide exemptions for law enforcement officers in regards to limiting magazine rounds and purchasing ammunition, should those amendments not be fully taken out of the SAFE Act.

Joan K February 22, 2013 at 04:39 PM
I found it to be very awkward that a Legislator that has so much to say on this subject was absent from the meeting on Tuesday night. I found it very uncomfortable that this person also made disparaging comments about another member of the Legislature to the press and this person sought to clear up what was said and clearly express their feelings about law enforcment officials. All seems very convenient that when there are hot subjects, this person is out of the country.
Ken Stasion February 22, 2013 at 05:25 PM
Frank SParaco should resign from public office including his patronage postion with the high way authority. Frank gets $75.000 a year for what? Ken/Nyack, NY
Brenda M February 22, 2013 at 07:08 PM
Ken ..... From what you can read in this blog http://nanuet.patch.com/blog_posts/the-clock-ticks-towards-bankruptcy Sparaco helped Alex Gromack defeat Ralph Sabatini by playing errand boy for Reda and Gromack. So until Gromack or Ballard are voted out Sparaco will be protected behind them. His financial backers wanted to get him into Albany where they could control him but thankfully he lost to Zebrowski who has intelligence and is well educated. Maybe answering the telephone for Ballard in Clarkstown is as good as it will get for him until we get rid of Ballard in November? Meanwhile the taxpayers will just have to pay out his payoff. Resign? No way! He failed at running a vending machine business and a tanning salon so what would he do next? Trying to solve the debt problems of the County may stretch his financial capabilities but seeking headlines, about gun laws the County Legislature has absolutely no control over, requires no particular capabilities.


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