Town Board To Vote On 2012 Budget Thursday Night

Public Hearing at 7 p.m. on $130 million spending plan

The Clarkstown Town Board scheduled two public hearings for tonight's meeting.  The public hearings address the adoption of the town’s 2012 budget and a proposed local law to amend zoning for Hamlet Center Senior Housing.

Supervisor Alex Gromack said the proposed $130 million for 2012 carries a less than one percent tax increase, actually 0.8 percent, for residents.  He noted that it maintains all essential services residents rely on such as highway plowing, police, refuse collection, recreation programs and sewer.

“I think the ’12 budget is reflective of our efforts to run a fiscally sound town,” said Gromack. 

The proposed budget would use $1.4 million from the town tax stabilization fund.  It does not include any possible salary increases for employees. 

Gromack said negotiations are just beginning with the CSEA whose contract expires on December 31.  No compensation decisions have been made for elected or appointed town employees.  He said if there are any increases the money would come from the tax stabilization fund and would not impact the property tax rate, which is under the state property tax cap of two percent.

Also tonight, the board will consider several resolutions, among them:

Authorizing the supervisor to enter into agreements with: 

  • H2M Group for engineering services concerning improvements to the Lake Nanuet Pool
Complex drainage system.
  • Accepting roads and improvements from the Sisters of Charity subdivision.
  • Authorizing Orange & Rockland Utilities to install lighting on Gladys Drive, New City.
  • Authorizing installation of traffic advisory and regulatory signage on Havermill Road, Rockwood Terrace, Glenwood Road and Thornwood Drive, New City.
  • Extending use of the Flexible Spending Account to all employees.

The board may also vote on setting a public hearing for Tuesday, Nov. 22 or Tuesday, Dec 13 regarding installation of a  “No Right Turn” sign from Snake
Hill Road.

Mike Hirsch November 10, 2011 at 05:03 PM
Amy, If you don't know by now, let me set the record straight. We originally organized as a PAC, but changed that because of all the beaurocratic regulations (I don't think I even spelled that correctly). We are currently organized as a Trust. In Dennis Lynch's lawsuit, which was recently filed against Alex Gromack and the Town of Clarkstown, alleging political corruption by trading town positions for party lines, he characterises the Clarkstown Taxpayer Group as an ad hoc anti-corruption citizen's organization. I like that designation the best.
Mike Hirsch November 10, 2011 at 05:17 PM
By the way Amy, If you do work for me, GET BACK TO WORK and blog on your own time.
BKT November 10, 2011 at 05:57 PM
Alex Gromack was reelected, I believe, due to voter ignorance. Look at the low vote count. People would rather be complacent until their lifestyle is greatly disturbed. Perhaps we are in need of an Occupy Clarkstown (Government.) No question that there should be a reduction in taxes, if Clarkstown was run right. Stay in one place for too long and get fat ;)
Mike Hirsch November 10, 2011 at 06:16 PM
BKT, you are correct that the people who bother to vote are generally uninformed. Alex was reelected because: #1, The democrats did a good job in turning out the vote and the republicans did not (the county republican chairman has a vested interesy in having Alex reelected because of the different jobs that Alex let's him control, and #2, Alex gets all the conservative party votes because Ed Lettre and Mary Loeffler give him the line in exchange for their $150,000 jobs, and #3, Frank Sparaco gives him the independence party line in exchange for Lettre giving it to some of Sparaco's countywide candidates. All of this happens to be illegal. NYS is the only state in the union that allows a candidate's name to appear more than once on the ballot.
Don November 10, 2011 at 06:41 PM
Anyone who signed the term limits petition and did not show up to vote should be ashamed of themselves.


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