Vanderhoef: $2.6 M in Block Grants Awarded

More than $2.5 million will fund projects, programs and services.


Tuesday morning, County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef and Director of Community Development Joe Abate met at the to announce the recipients of the 2012 Community Development Block Grant Awards.

$2,656,071 in HUD (Housing and Urban Development) grants were awarded to Rockland not-for-profit organizations, towns and villages that provide social services, housing, and revitalization and improvement programs for Rockland residents in lower-to-moderate income brackets. 

The grants were obtained by the County’s Office of Community Development from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds totaled $1.9 million, HOME Investment Partnership Program totaled $586,870 and $163,457 in Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG).

“We are grateful for this grant funding that will go to much-needed programs, services and projects throughout the County that will better serve our residents and enhance and beautify our community,” said Vanderhoef. 

is receiving $30,000 for pedestrian signals and detectors. The Audible signals, detectors, locator tones and textile arrows will facilitate the safety of the visually impaired pedestrians; the countdown timer displays will facilitate elderly pedestrians and the community at large and is a requirement of the NYS DOT. 

Clarkstown will also receive $25,000 for a Mini-Trans Senior Bus, which provides door-to-door transportation for all Senior Clubs meeting from Monday through Friday as well as special events over the weekend. 

, Inc is getting $10,000 for their homebound meal program, which provides one or two nutritionally balanced meals delivered with the care and personal touch of our volunteers to the homes of those unable to provide for themselves. An on-staff registered dietician plans and purchases food for more meals that adhere to individual dietary requirements. 

Read on below for details on some of the groups that received funding. Here are the Not-for-profits receiving funding:

  • Nyack Center – Computer Time - $12,000
  • – Homebound Meal Delivery - $10,000
  • Rockland County Legal Aid – Landlord/Tenant Advocacy Program - $36,000
  • Arts Alliance of Haverstraw – Arts Ablaze Program - $18,000
  • VCS, Inc. – Foster Grandparent Program - $15,000
  • Spring Valley Housing Authority (SVHA) – Family Stabilization Program - $10,000
  • Jewish Family Services – Rockland County Senior Support Network - $20,000
  • Chiku Awali African Dance - $5,000
  • West Street Childcare Center – Summer Enrichment Program - $10,000
  • Gateway to an Entrepreneurial Tomorrow / Village of Haverstraw – Business Assistance - $25,000
  • RODA – Youth Counseling - $12,000
  • Literacy Volunteers of America – Civics and Citizenship Project - $10,000

Municipalities receiving funding include: 

  • Town of Clarkstown – Pedestrian Signals and Detectors - $30,000
  • Town of Clarkstown – Mini-Trans Senior Bus - $25,000
  • Village of South Nyack – Restroom Project - $47,000
  • Village of Piermont – Curb Cuts - $3,000
  • Town of Orangetown – Orangetown ADA Public Facilities Improvement Project - $25,000
  • Village of Haverstraw – Sidewalk Replacements - $90,000
  • Town of Haverstraw – Bowline Point Park Improvements - $80,000
  • Village of Suffern – Business District Improvements - $85,000
  • Village of Kaser – Kaser Terrace Sidewalk Improvements - $50,000
  • Village of West Haverstraw – Peck’s Pond Recreational Park Improvements - $90,000
  • Village of Spring Valley – Curb and Sidewalk Improvements - $100,000
  • Town of Ramapo – West Central Avenue Improvements - $50,000
  • Village of Hillburn – Youth Center Sewer Connection - $5,400
  • Village of Hillburn – Community Room Sewer - $4,600
  • Town of Stony Point – ADA Elevator Justice Court - $50,000
  • Village of New Hempstead - Vacation Camp for the Blind - $8,000

An Emergency Solutions Grant of $25,000 will be given to Rockland Family Shelter for its Emergency Residential Shelter and HACSO will receive $20,000 for Homeownership Training under the HOME Investment Partnership Program.

The Legal Aid Society of Rockland County, Inc is receiving $36,000 for Landlord/Tenant Advocacy Legal Aid. The purpose of the Landlord Tenant Advocacy Program (LTAP) is to prevent Homelessness of families and individuals by providing legal representation in eviction proceedings. 

RODA (Rockland Opportunity Development Association) is receiving $12,000 for youth counseling to hire counselors for family crises counseling, and counseling for troubled youth/adults. This public service will help secure the safety and security of the public, with the availability of receiving counseling for those in need. 

$20,000 is going to the Rockland Family Jewish Family Service for their Rockland County Senior Support Network. The network is designed to enable older adults to age in place safely. This is achieved through in–home assessments, development and implementation of mutually agreed upon individual care plans, supportive counseling services for seniors and family members/caregivers, and educational groups. 

Chiku Awali African Dance, Arts & Culture, Inc received $5,000 for African Dance, Music, and Culture. The project offers African dance and drumming classes, and a rites of passage cultural program that includes African storytelling. The project gives 51 percent of low to moderate-income residents the opportunity to participate in art and cultural forms that increase confidence, stage presence, self-efficacy, discipline, coordination and teamwork. The rites of passage components offer training in life skills such as etiquette, public speaking, college preparation, etc. 

Literacy Volunteers of America got $10,000 for Civics and Citizenship Project. Literacy Volunteers will offer three learning opportunities for residents of Rockland: one US Civics for immigrants class, targeting low-income, non-English speaking adults with low literacy in their home language(s) that will serve 20-25; and a small-group class for more advanced students concentrating on preparation for obtaining a GED. 

VCS inc, was granted $15,000 for its Foster Grandparent Program. Foster grandparents are income eligible (200 percent poverty) volunteers at least 55 years of age. They provide individual mentoring to children at risk who have been classified as special needs students. Presently the Foster Grandparent Volunteers, who each receive a stipend of $2.65 per hour, serve approximately 1,800 children in an after school program that teaches teens life and fitness skills and the importance of serving the local community. 

Rockland Family Shelter, Inc received $25,000 for RFS Emergency Residential Shelter. The RFS Emergency Residential Shelter is an ongoing Rockland Family Shelter that has been in continuous operation since 1979. A secure facility at an undisclosed location (for security purpose), the Shelter provides battered women and their children a safe place to live while they recover from trauma of domestic violence and plan for their future safety. 

Homeownership Training got $20,000 for HACSO. Home buying workshop teachings program participants about the true cost of buying a home and how to get the best mortgage to finance their purchase. It also provides and overview of the home-buying g process from searching for a home to the final closing, improve their budget and credit profiles, how to maintain their home after purchase, learn about local, state, federal programs that are available for first time homebuyers and how to avoid predatory lenders and other scams. 

The Rockland County Office of Community Development selected the grant recipients through an eligibility review that began September 1, 2011 as part of the annual consolidated/action plan process with applications submitted January 31, 2011 said Abate. Abate, along with South Nyack Mayor Patricia DuBow and Haverstraw Town Supervisor Howard Phillips assisted Vanderhoef in this year’s selection review process.

Tony T March 21, 2012 at 02:52 AM
You got to be kidding me............my taxes are being raised for art and dance programs at a time like this??
Mary March 21, 2012 at 10:38 AM
$10,000.00 of our money is being given to the West Street Childcare Center for their Summer Enrichment Program...Why? Why is our money going to a child care center? Is this privately owned? and $5,000.00 for dancing?? What the heck is going on here?? A total of $2,656,071...where's the rest of the money going?
Lynn Teger March 22, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Block Grants: "In a fiscal federal form of government, a block grant is a large sum of money granted by the national government to a regional government with only general provisions as to the way it is to be spent. This can be contrasted with a categorical grant which has more strict and specific provisions on the way it is to be spent. An advantage of block grants is that they allow regional governments to experiment with different ways of spending money with the same goal in mind, though it is very difficult to compare the results of such spending and reach a conclusion. A disadvantage is that the regional governments might be able to use the money if they collected it through their own taxation systems and spend it without any restrictions from above." ~ wikipedia


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