Vincent Reda Re-Elected Over Mele For GOP Chair

Distributed at the meeting was a letter from Rockland County Republican Committee to its members signed by all five republican chairs of each town. It said that Anthony Mele "has made some tremendous accusations and promises ... he will dismantle o


Rockland County Republican Party chairman Vincent Reda of New City was re-elected last night over Anthony Mele of Chestnut Ridge. More than 200 people crowded into the Regency Ballroom at Comfort Inn in Nanuet for Thursday night's GOP convention.

Reda was nominated by Thomas Basile and seconded by Michael Lawler.

“On behalf of the entire NYS Republican Committee, 61 other county chairs who unanimously re-elected Vinny Reda as the first vice-chair of the state party, on behalf of state chairman, I proudly second the nomination of Vincent D. Reda for Rockland County Chairman,” said Lawler.

Republican chairs of each town seconded Reda’s nomination as well—Clarkstown Bob Axelrod, Orangetown Joe Brady-Amoon, Ramapo Michael Dolan, Stony point June Jobson and Haverstraw Lynn Teger.

After Reda was nominated, Rockland County Board of Elections Commissioner Louis Babcock asked if there were any other nominations.

From the back of the room, Mele was nominated by Joe Ciardullo and seconded by Rowena Mulluso.

“The rules of the convention is that we’re going to do a voice vote,” said Babcock.

“I’d like to make a motion for a secret ballot please,” yelled a person from the back of the room, followed by a few people seconding it.

“The opinion of the chair is that we’ve already discussed this with the five town chairmen and we have decided that the protocol for this evening will be a voice vote,” responded Babcock.

Several people chimed in saying “We have a right” and “We want secret ballot” escalating to many people clapping and shouting, some for a secret ballot and some for a voice vote. Watch the attached video for a look at Thursday night's voice vote.

After the room was settled down, a motion was made for a voice vote. Babcock declared that the opinion of the chair was the ‘Ayes’ have it and went forward with the voice vote, which re-elected Reda to party chair.


Also, on every chair in the room was a letter from the Rockland County Republican Committee to its committee members signed by all five republican chairs of each town.

The letter, which is attached to this article, states that Mele “has made some tremendous accusations and promises ... he will dismantle our party. A party that we together, have built for over two decades. A party that is respected throughout the state as one of the strongest Republican County Committees in new York; all to quell his narcissistic and self-serving need to be something he is not.”

In response to this letter, Mele said  “I have Vincent Reda’s nomination. That seems like a nomination to me.” 

marguerite veltidi September 21, 2012 at 09:07 PM
this meeting reminds me of the time i brought my son to republican headquarters and was met by Reda who said in front of my son that Bush wasn't really popular in New York and he did not have too much campaign stickers, etc. because he (Bush) wasn't going to win the state anyway.... he is a terrible person to represent the republicans in our area !
Lawrence Stone September 21, 2012 at 10:45 PM
HERE YA GO: http://rocklandrepublicans.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/RC-GOP-BYLAWS.pdf
Pat Godfrey September 22, 2012 at 04:33 AM
I thought that the republican party was our chance in Rockland to get our runaway taxes and spending under control. Because of the rise in costs from our government I started getting involved as to what was going on locally. I wanted to get involved on some level to try to cut the rising taxes and costs. Then when paying attention I realized that the republicans were in on grabbing as much for themselves as the democrats. That is why we are the 3rd highest taxed county in the state (which is the highest taxed state in the country). Reda is giving up the republican lines in election to democrats. Why would a republican do that? Why would a republican leader of the party in rockland county do that? Something is not adding up in my mind. Is it possible Reda makes deals with democrats for his own personal gain. Even to the detriment of his own party. Would he really do that? What do you think?
Mike Hirsch September 22, 2012 at 01:42 PM
Good to hear from you Pat. I'm sure you realize that we have a one party system in Clarkstown thanks to the collusion of Alex, Vinnie, and Lettre. It is all about jobs and political patronage. The focus of the Clarkstown Taxpayer group (which was founde 3 1/2 years ago because of our outrage with regard to the CPD salaries) has shifted to the root cause, which is the collusion of Alex, Vinnie, and Lettre, which has deprived us of having the power to elect local officials who care more about doing the right thing for the citizens, other than simply lining their pockets and those of their supporters. We are the the ones who are the "opposition party". Please come to our fundraiser at the Elmwood Playhouse on November 29th in order that we may continue with the fight. Go to www.clarkstowntaxpayers.com for event information.
Les Legato October 18, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Mele needs more on his website than just his video. There's no issue page, no contact info.


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