House Hunt Rockland County June 8th

Open Houses June 8th
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Rockland County Housing Statistics(Activity last 30 days source MLS)
                             Houses         Condos
Total Inventory         1310               292
Under Contract           169                 39
Title Transfer              114                 23

Open House Etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts)

An Open House is a great way to see what’s on the market in your target area. They not only give you the opportunity to see various homes but also the surrounding area. Here are a few helpful hints to get the most out of an open house. Please don’t forget that this is still someone’s home and as a buyer you need to respect the home and its contents.

• Don't forget to bring a pen and paper to take notes.

• Don't park in or block the owner's driveway.

• Please wipe your feet before entering home.

• Announce your self to the agent when you enter and please be ready to sign in and if required to show ID (It is important to keep track of who enters the Home for safety and informational purposes)

• If you have any questions about procedure, ask the Agent in charge. Most will supply you with an information sheet about the home. (Feel free to ask question once you review the sheet)

• Hold on to your children and don’t let them roam or touch things for safety reasons.

• If you are already working with an agent, that's okay; just let the agent know.

• Neighbors are welcome but please respect the agents time. The open-house information sheet will be available for you to take home.

• Never touch personal items in the house or open drawers or closed doors.

• Ask permission before using the bathroom.

• Avoid saying anything negative about the home while on site. If it did not meet your expectations, save that conversation for the ride home.

• Please no pictures without permission.

Hello my name is Michael E Rizzuto and I’m a licensed real estate agent with Coldwell Banker- Regional Sales Office in New City, NY. This column will list the open houses for the upcoming weekend and give the current housing market statistics for Rockland County. If you have any real estate questions, please feel free to Call me at 914-714-4111 or Email me at Michael.Rizzuto@cbmoves.com


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