Lowey on Supreme Court Upholding Affordable Care Act

Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) today issued the following statement on the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act

Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) today issued the following statement on the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act: 

“I am pleased the Supreme Court today upheld the Affordable Care Act, protecting access to health insurance and quality of coverage for millions of Americans.  This decision protects the coverage of  17 million children with pre-existing conditions, 6.6 million young adults on their parents’ plans, and 86 million seniors and families receiving free preventive care.  I will continue to work with my colleagues to improve the law and make health care more affordable for New Yorkers.”

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nancy June 30, 2012 at 01:47 PM
How many years has she NOT even had someone run against her? What really is so great about her that she landed this cushy job in the first place? Why does she feel she needs to continue it - rather than letting someone else have the honor and benefit of serving their country? Can you name one thing she has done that has impacted our country? There are NEW REPS since 2010 that have done more than her....sorry....time for her to go.
Mike Hirsch June 30, 2012 at 02:43 PM
I don't think so Jeff. Look at Charlie Rangel who was recently censured by the House for his improprieties. He just won his primary race and will be re=elected. Most people who bother to vote at all are happily uninformed and simply vote the party line. The only reason Lowey is in danger this time is because her district got changed because so many people are leaving NYS for less hostile business and taxing environments. She also has a great challenger in Joe Carvin, who will draw alot of Democratic votes and probably 90% of tjhe Independent vote..
Mike June 30, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Not necessarily. The power of incumbency on both sides of the aisle is so enormous and difficult for any challenger to overcome. Again, politics to the side, it is perplexing that opinion polls show support for Congress in general to be in like the 20% range, yet incumbents get re-elected at rates over 80%. The name recognition, the campaign cash, and the pandering to special interests all play a role. I mean look no further than Charlie Rangle- censored by Congress, cheating on his taxes, yet he is re-elected. I believe the biggest reason for the high re-election rates is the gerrymandering of districts. Both parties do it. It rigs the process for the party in charge and it's why I believe nothing gets done. Lowey needs to pander to her constituents to get reelected (the same can be said of Rep too). If you think about the Nov election, it really will come down to about 4-5 states and 25-30 Congressional districts. This to me is a sad way for a democracy to work. The resolution as I see it is a gerrymandering system based on geographical shifts, not politics, and term limits.
Ross Revira June 30, 2012 at 03:40 PM
I find it interesting and hypocritical that the admirers and defenders of Congresswoman Nita Lowey are also the same people who vilify wealthy and successful people. We have a lioness of the left in bed (literally) with a Wall Street lawyer who happens to embody all that is evil in society (Occupy Wall St. adjective). Money that comes from these evil doers goes directly into her campaign. Hypocrites come in all shapes and sizes especially the ones who constantly berate someones screen name.
Mike Hirsch July 01, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Mike, the problem is twofold: (1) The citizens are generally happily uninformed and don't bother to vote, and (2) Our political system has been taken over by the professional politicians who work for themselves.


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