Barr Students Launch Rockets for Educational Fun (VIDEO)

The students made their own rockets

It was under 40 degrees and the winds picked up to over 15 mph, but that didn't stop the Barr Middle School 6-graders from having a fun time launching their rockets. Two sixth grade classes made rockets in their technology class and on Dec. 1, Teacher Vinny Garrison brought them to the Nanuet Outdoor Education Center to test them out.

"I think it was mostly for the fun and to teach us how rockets are being used in today's world," said Student Collin Farmer. The students watched videos of different rocket launches throughout history. "Now having the real experience is phenomenal."

Teacher Chris Polizzi came to assist the rocket launch. Garrison set up the rockets on two launch pads and the students counted down and launched their own rockets.

"We made them ourselves. The rockets took about 2-3 weeks," said Student Anya Skae. "We got these kits and we had to put the parts together. The spray painting was the hardest."

The students made the rockets in class. They spray painted the nosecone of the rockets and had artistic freedom with decorating the rest of it.

"It's great," said Garrison. "They get to use their hands and build something and see it at work. You don't get that too often."

Polizzi said that they used to do the rocket launch at the high school before the schools got the St. Agatha property making it the Nanuet Outdoor Education Center. Several larger rockets were brought out that as well.

"There are three different types of engines to show them how different rockets of different size and weight affect how high they go," said Polizzi.

The students were split up into rotating groups: one launched their rockets, one caught those rockets and another got digital cameras to take picture of the rocket launch experience.

The pictures will be used to make a class collage.


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