Meet The Clarkstown School Board Candidates: Donna Ehrenberg

New City Patch provided a questionnaire to each of the six candidates running for the Clarkstown Board of Education.


were asked to provide background information and their positions on issues facing the school district. Donna Ehrenberg provided today's responses. 


Marital status:

Age and gender of children:
I have three girls ages 18 and twin that are 14.  I also have a son that is 12. 

What community do you live in? 
New City

How long have you lived there?
I have lived in New City for 18 years.

What is your educational background? 
Iona College, graduated with a Business Economics Degree

Where do you work and what is your occupation? 
I work at Rockland Independent Living Center as an Assistant Director and a Parent Advocate.  I also teach social skills to Autistic children at RCALD.

What is your spouse’s occupation?  
Jules is a recruiter.

Are you a member of any professional, union and/or volunteer organization/s? If yes, please list them and if you held any official position within the group/s. 
I am a member of Central Hudson Region PTA as an Education/Special Education Chair.  I work with the Lions Club in Nanuet.

Have you received any awards/recognition? 
Recognized for my service as a PTA President

What unique skills/experience would you bring to the board? 
My skill that I have brought to this board in the past three years have been dedication and respect to the staff, parents, and children of this district.  I have worked in a financial institution for ten years and I have brought that knowledge to the board.  I have also been a member of many committees and with my people skills I am able to work together with different groups to come up with suggestions that the board can review.  Through my years of PTA service I am keenly aware of the programs in the schools and how they impact our children and how they could best be improved.

Have you run for elected office before? If yes, please explain. 
I ran for this board three years ago and won.

Why are you running for the school board? 
I care deeply for this school district.  I would like to be part of the team that works with a new superintendent.  I would like to restore confidence back to the staff and community.  I want to restore the reputation of Clarkstown to an educational leader and not a district in need of improvement   I want to continue the fiscal responsibility that I was part of three years ago

Which, if any organizations endorsed you? 

How do you think you can help the board work more effectively and cooperatively as a whole and with the administration? 
 I have always tried to work cooperatively with the administration.  I have always put the interest of the district before anything else.  Throughout all the negativity that has been so pervasive these past few years, I have always maintained a professional attitude toward those I have worked with.

What do you see as the single greatest challenge facing the Clarkstown School District? 
I believe one of the greatest challenges is to continue to provide an outstanding education for all children while maintaining our budget to the level we have for the last three years. To also restore an atmosphere of respect and collaboration. 

How did the board’s decision to hire a new superintendent influence your decision to run?
I respect the position of a school board member.  I have been honored to serve for the last three years.  I feel I have a great deal more to contribute.

Do you have a campaign web site or Facebook page? 
My website is www.reelect Donna Ehrenberg for Clarkstown School Board.

Tom Truth May 15, 2012 at 12:41 PM
I agree that Ehrenberg needs to go, but the lack of endorsements says it all? Yet if she had endorsements we would bash her as being in the pocket of whatever group endorsed her. You can twist things quite easily. How about her record speaks for itself?
MitchP May 15, 2012 at 01:05 PM
These comments are very helpful and thanks to Phil for putting links to the other candidates (with dates published). Patch should have these links at the top of the page.
Sigmund Freud May 15, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Tom, what record? :)
mike sullivan May 15, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Good luck Donna!!!!
Sigmund Freud May 15, 2012 at 03:56 PM
How anyone can seriously consider voting for Donna is beyond me. Mike, if you're such a union guy, please understand that Donna did NOT receive the union endorsement. Yet you love her. Why? Please tell us what she has done in 3 years on the board?


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