Nanuet Art Teacher Readies Time Capsule for New Highview Playground

Are you ready for the Build? For more information, go to HighviewPlayground.com

In less than a week, there will be a new Highview Community Playground. The Build starts tomorrow 8 a.m. Going into the new playground site is a time capsule from the third and fourth graders at Highview Elementary.

“I am so excited, the Highview Time Capsule Drawing is finished!” said Art Teacher Kodi Tidd, who is heading up the time capsule project. “It came together great.”

Made out of PVC pipe with ends glued on, everything inside will be put into zip lock bags as added protection from leaks. Normally, time capsules are about two feet long and 6-8 inches wide.

“I decided to make a large pencil drawing, in the spirit of the transformation from old to new, that each child and staff member in the school will contribute a thumbprint and signature to,” said Tidd. “In completion, I hope the drawing will be just as colorful and vibrant as our Highview community.”

Also, Principal Barbara Auriemma asked that the time capsule include printed and laminated examples from a Highview Playground memory project Tidd did last fall with a group of fourth graders. Check out the pictures to see examples of them. 

Tidd’s drawing began as a graphite drawing.

“I wanted to capture the spirit of the old playground and the excitement of the new build,” said Tidd. “Once the drawing was complete, the students and staff of Highview contributed fingerprints and signatures to symbolize the energy, color, and life of the drawing.”

Are you ready for the Build? There’s still much to do, such as volunteering to build or help the food committee and there’s still time to sponsor an item, brick or donate. For more information, go to HighviewPlayground.com


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