Nanuet Jazz Knight Draws a Crowd

The Jazz Knight concert Wednesday evening at Barr Middle School marked the 10th year of having a Jazz band at the middle school. After performances from the Nanuet HS Jazz Knights and Middle School Jazz Squires, the finale combined both schools.


There was also a donation fundraiser last night for the Nyack Soup Angels, whose mission is to provide a free, nutritious home-made meal to anyone who needs one. No questions asked. 

Here are the members of the NHS Jazz Knights:

  • Daniel Berk
  • Kevin Brundage
  • Connor Burnich
  • James Camillieri
  • Robin DeJesus
  • Samuel Fein
  • Jacquiline Ferro
  • Katherine Filatov
  • Tara Flynn
  • Andrew Hawkins
  • Neil Heinzer
  • Joseph Kuhn
  • Karli Marulli
  • Kevin Morley
  • Jason Pandalfo
  • Kristin Quill
  • George Rodriguez
  • Ryan Selinske
  • Mark Siriban
  • Jonah Silverstone
  • Andrew Weiss
  • Ryan Wilhelm
  • Jake Winkler

Here are the members of the MS Jazz Jesters

  • Stephanie Braziller
  • Brian Camillieri
  • Emily Cohen
  • Oriana Castello
  • Nicholas Girard
  • Morgan Gruskin
  • Allison Hansen
  • Carl Hansen
  • Timothy Hartnegal
  • Daniel Kohler
  • David Kordit
  • Sarah Liberman
  • Kaitlyn Ma
  • David Martini
  • Katie Martini
  • Richard Melilia
  • Shawn Minter
  • Rene Rodriguez
  • Michael Zaro


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