Nanuet Schools Discuss Highview Playground Asphalt

After being completed in October


During the public forum at Tuesday's Nanuet Board of Education meeting, Michelle Mazzaro, Nanuet mom and president of the , asked for an update on the long-awaited asphalt for the playground. 

The fourth-graders at , who participated in the playground's , have three days left of school, but have not visited the playground during recess because of several factors, one being the lack of a blacktop. 

"I'm anxious and want to see it (the asphalt) go down too," said Nanuet Superintendent Mark McNeill. "However, (the delay comes from) dealing with contractors, that's one of the variables, the second variable was the rain. I thought we ... were going to do it the week after all the bushes and trees went in, but that week we had rain."

He added that Rudy Villanyi, the Facilities Director for the Nanuet School District, has contacted county asphalt, but the school has no control over a contractor and when they can come in and do the job. Also, Villanyi has told McNeill that he will approve the asphalt when the ground completely dries, which improves the longevity of the blacktop. 

"We have never pushed this off. Rudy has made calls asking them to make this first on their (the contractors') list," said McNeill.

The school also had to wait for asphalt companies to be up and running again. Currently, there is gravel where the blacktop is supposed to be.

"I'll talk to Rudy and I think we can get this done in the next couple of weeks," said Phil Sions, assistant superintendent for business. "I do know (contractors) they're very busy right now. They're all backed up, but there's no reason to not come here and get it done."

At a , the use of the playground during recess was addressed. It was determined that once the permanent crosswalk is complete and asphalt is put down in the playground, Highview Elementary will resume recess at the Highview Community Playground.

"I'm disappointed that the current fourth grade class won't get to play on it during recess, but I want to make sure for next year's fourth graders, that they get that chance," said Mazzaro. "We worked so hard on getting that crosswalk and I just want to see them have a good time because that's why we built it"

The has been installed. For right now, students are using the playground that was newly intalled summer of 2010 behind the school. At that March meeting, the school planned on laying down the asphalt in April. 

Don June 20, 2012 at 01:18 PM
It hasn't rained in over a week and we have a heat wave coming up. I think it's safe to say the ground should be dry. And it's pretty surprising to hear that contractors are very busy right now when a lot of work has dried up and many contractors are starving for work.
BenRound June 20, 2012 at 02:18 PM
Does anyone know if there is a residency requirement for this park?
Resident June 20, 2012 at 03:58 PM
No there isn't.


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