Nanuet Schools Honor Retirees, 25-Year Employees

There was a cake celebration during the school board meeting on Tuesday night to recognize these 14 individuals. If you see them, congratulate them or say your goodbyes and wish them luck!


Sometimes a school board meeting is tough with decisions on the budget and curriculum. However, Tuesday night's Nanuet Board of Education meeting, it was a nice change with a cake cutting celebration during the meeting to recognize some hard-working people.

Six people are retiring from the district and eight people are hitting the 25-year mark working at the schools. Here's what the schools had to say about each individual:

25 Years

Sean Barron

  • Has been a Physical Education teacher at Highview Elementary since it re-opened.
  • Brought exciting activities to Highview such as the H Games, an activity day for grades 3 and 4
  • He is an avid NY Sports fan, especially the NY Jets, and uses this as a vehicle to encourage children to always work as a team

Mia Henry

  • Is a teaching assistant on the second grade level at Miller Elementary
  • Works with the consultant teacher and classroom teachers to provide one on one support, small group instruction, such as guided reading, and assists in many of the standardized assessments given to students
  • Love to witness to growth of her students in reading and math during the school year
  • "I know that the kids are so lucky to have her," said Board Member Charleen Caulk. "I've known her since 1982 when our kids started kindergarten together. She's a very dear friend of mine. She's so smart and so nice and so creative that I think that Miller School is really lucky to have her." 

Nancy Logan

  • Her impact on students with special needs is immeasurable.
  • The positive attitude she comes to school with daily is an example for everyone to follow
  • "(She) always has a smile and is there for the kids," said Hansen.

Kevin McKenna

  • Has taught health at Barr Middle School for his entire career in Nanuet. Over the years, he has been a coach at both the middle and high school level and accompanied our students to Boston and 6th grade camp
  • In a quiet and unassuming manner, he has made a positive influence on many of the students
  • He is an avid music lover and roots for the Yankees

Liz McTigue

  • Spent the beginning of her career teaching at the high school, but for the past several years, she has taught reading, special education and ESL at the middle school.
  • Is a staunch advocate for her ESL students and their families, helping both to become acclimated to the school and community.
  • Her warm and giving personality permeates her interactions with all students, especially those in her classes
  • "She's excellent and always there for the kids," said Board Vice President Ron Hansen.

MaryRose Palumbo

  • Divides her day as a second grade teacher and program facilitator for math and science at Miller
  • Recently, she has been bringing professional development opportunities to teachers to accommodate the new Core Curriculum Standards
  • Is also behind the scheduling, administration and data analysis of common math assessments in the building
  • Palumbo shared an interesting fact: One of her family members has been with the Nanuet Schools since 1936 as either a student or employee.
  • "I've known MaryRose for a very long time, since when she was pregnant with her son," said Board Member Sarah Chauncey. "(She is) a powerhouse ... I love everything (she) does with (her) colleagues."

Sue Romeo

  • Has a certification in five subject areas, which speaks to her knowledge of science.
  • Takes great pleasure in developing innovative labs for students
  • She rarely, if ever, misses work
  • "She has a very good record with not being sick at all and we very much appreciate her," said Hansen.

Jesse Scott

  • Is the head groundskeeper at the Nanuet Public Schools
  • Started working for the district in June of 1988
  • Has always taken pride and worked to keep the grounds and fields well maintained for all to enjoy
  • Has driven many students to camping and sporting events, always making sure that they arrive to their destination on time and safe
  • "You put a lot of time in. You take a lot of pride in what you do and we appreciate all the time you've given us," said Hansen to Scott.

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Lucille Anemone

  • Has been with Nanuet School District for 27 years and the District Clerk for many
  • "We really appreciate everything you've done for us over the years," said Chauncey to Anemone. "You're always here for us. You're just part of Nanuet and we're going to miss you."
  • "It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked for the district and the Nanuet School Board," said Anemone. 

Irene Antonecchia

  • Has worked at Highview as a teacher aide for eight years
  • The job has certainly changed over the years as more high tech copiers have been installed in the building
  • Is a "Jack of all Trades" since the job also involves assisting with office work, testing duties and bulletin boards
  • She will be missed by the staff and children

Pat Dudek

  • Enjoyed working with students
  • Was knowledgeable about all aspects of the library/media center and imparted that information to the students
  • The board members believe Dudek truly loves the school district
  • "I've also known Pat for a very long time, it started through PTA," said Caulk. "PTA is the best place to meet good people who are hard workers and who love the kids. Pat loves the kids."
  • "When I first started, I volunteered for math and reading remediation at Miller and then from there, I was in PTA and then eventually PTA president," said Dudek. "I did the school census, I was the coordinator a couple of times. I was in the middle school for a number of years. I then graduated to the high school for the last two years. It's been a good run and I'm thankful. We all have to remember that every day is a gift."

Wilson Jean

  • Is a custodial worker at the Nanuet High School
  • Started in September of 1988 and has always worked with pride to maintain the cleanliness of the Nanuet Schools.
  • His work over the summers has always ensured that the building was ready to open for students when they returned in September

Chung May Kendzior

  • Has worked at Highview as a library clerk since it re-opened
  • The set up of a new library and a library at the beginning of each school year is a monumental task and Kendzior did it flawlessly
  • All visitors to Highview comment on our beautiful and children-oriented library
  • We thank Mrs. Kendzior for her many years of service to the Nanuet School District

Eileen Lennon

  • Has served as a reading teacher at Miller most recently on the second grade level
  • Knows her students well Through diagnostics and spending quality time getting to know them, she targets strategies they need to become successful readers
  • Will "do what it takes" to get her students reading fluently
  • Is also an important literacy resource to the teachers on her team
  • "There are people who you see in certain positions and you think those people are meant to be in those positions. I've always thought that (Lennon) was in the perfect spot, a reading teacher," said Chauncey. "(She was) the most gentle, low key ... I used to see kids who couldn't wait to come and see (her). (She) has been an amazing force for so many kids and you truly helped a generation of kids learn to read. I appreciate what (she's) done for Nanuet."
  • "I started back in '79 at St. Agatha's and that's how I got into the district," said Lennon. "Then I went to the high school, to the middle school, then Miller. I loved every single minute of it. I have been here for 32 years and I taught for 15 years before that, so I'd say, almost half a century. But I'm still walking around and still full of life and full of energy. I say to the teachers who are coming in, stick with it. It's a wonderful thing to do."


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