Nanuet Students Give Anti-Bullying Presentation (VIDEO)

At the Nanuet Elementary PTA meeting at 10 a.m. on Dec. 10 at Highview, the students presented a powerpoint and sang the Caring Majority song.


At the Dec. 10 Elementary PTA meeting, Nanuet students from Highview gave a presentation of the Caring Majority, which is a group of student ambassadors who spread an anti-bullying message school-wide.

This group is headed by guidance counselor Melissa Lipson with involvement from art teacher Kodi Tidd, music teacher Elaine Royal and librarian Jodi Hink. 

"Something like this is a building-wide initiative," said Principal Barbara Auriemma. "It starts small and gets bigger. It's starting to grow and that's the power of it."

The presentation started with opening remarks from fourth grader Benjamin Beal.

Donned with their tye-dye t-shirts, third graders performed and both the third and fouth graders sang the Caring Majority song. Then the fourth graders gave a powerpoint presentation about anti-bullying. 

After a school in the Bronx saw the last Nanuet Patch article about the Caring Majority, that school and another school from the Bronx have called Lipson asking about the Caring Majority and how it came into being at Highview.

"That was the main point of this, to spread the word in the community," said Beal.

More information about Caring Majority along with Ambassador interviews can be found in this Nanuet Patch article. 


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