Tonight: Final Nanuet School Budget Review

If approved, voting registration will take place in the Nanuet High School on May 9 from 1-7 p.m.


Tonight, the Nanuet Board of Education will do the final review of the proposed 2012-13 budget followed by the regular school board meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the high school.

Last week, the board met for budget workshops, in which they discussed on Monday night and looked at on Tuesday.

Also on the agenda tonight is:

  • Draft of the 2012-13 district calendar
  • An update on the Fifth Annual Nanuet Family Festival on June 2
  • A review of High School VHS and AP Courses
  • Approval of acceptance of two gifts: $2,000 of CSC holdings for MSG Varsity to the HS Athletic Department and $56 from Mary DeGaetani of the NYLife Foundation to Highview Elementary
  • The board will also discuss endorsing Robert Davis of Pearl River UFSD and Rosemary Pitruzzella of So. Orangetown Central SD as the nominations to serve on the Rockland County BOCES Board


  • Approval of voter registration resolution. The time and location of voter registration to vote on the school and library budgets and trustees is set by a school board resolution. The proposed registration will take place in the Nanuet Sr. High School on May 9 from 1-7 p.m. 
  • Approval for the following people to be voting registrars and poll clerks: Albert Ciarletta, Rudy Hansen, Yvonne Ciarletta, Patricia Dudek, RuthAnn Henze, David Freundlich, David Gilbert, Nancy Gilbert, Aurora Grandinali, Dorothy Hansen, Elizabeth Klaver, June Kracke, Mary Olson, Bruce Pizzimenti and Michael Hussey, Machine Custodian. The pay rate is $9/hr or $10/hr for machine custodians.
  • Approval to appoint That David Freundlich, Aurora Grandinali and Bruce Pizzimenti to be poll clerks to cast and canvass ballots under the provisions of Chapter 474 of the New York State Education Law.


  • Approval of $5,200 for employees who put in extra for the
  • Approval for an extended leave of absence for English Teacher Elizabeth Masterson without pay from May 8 –June 30 and for Jennifer Gray to be the substitute teacher in her place for about $9,500.
  • Approval for Kaitlyn Russo to be approved as a substitute-teaching assistant starting March 21


  • Approval of an additional contract with the Children of Promise Stable, Inc. In this contract, a consultant would provide up to 10 professional equine assisted activities and therapies and animal studies in small group lessons and individual equine and sensory therapy experiences from Sept 7, 2011 to June 22, 2012 for $2,000.
  • Approval of tentative settlements in the UPS and Home Depot Tax Certiorari Petitions
  • Approval of IPA Contract for Cooperative Educational Services. The district will agree to do a contract with Southern Westchester BOCES for services such as upgrading the existing system at Highview by installing wireless access and hardware. The amount is not to exceed $711,000 plus $39,016 for applicable interest for a period of three years (School Years 2012-2015) beginning with the 2011-12 budget funds approved by the voters in May 2011.
  • Approval of Accume Partners Risk Assessment Update for 2011-12

Here’s a recap of the last board meeting on March 6:

  • A 1989 Ford Bus has become obsolete, will be towed to Teplitz and district will be paid a fee for scrap metal.
  • The board approved a consultant service provider agreement with DaVinci Education and Research for a consultant to provide professional development in Literacy for one day at a rate of $2,500/day plus travel expenses.
  • The board approved a health services contract for one Nanuet student at the Hackley School at a total cost of $673.
  • The Pearl River Elks Lodge donated a dictionary to every third grader
  • On March 28, there will be a PS We Can! Workshop: “Coping with School Stress: How to Help Your Child Relax and Manage Challenges at School” with Psychologist Dr. Tracey Polizzi as the guest speaker. It will be at 7:30 pm in the Nanuet HS Media Center.


  • Justin Jung resigned from the position of Cook and Sean Munk filled his spot for $18/hr.
  • The following people were granted an extended leave of absence without pay:
  • English Teacher Elizabeth Masterson from April 2 – May 8 and Jennifer Gray was appointed as a substitute teacher in her place for those dates for about $7,000.
  • Reading Teacher Danielle Carey from April 23 – June 30 and Katherine McNamara was appointed as a substitute teacher in her place for those dates for about $10,700
  • Math Teacher Cathleen Brovarski from May 14 – June and Thomas Quinn was appointed as a substitute teacher in her place for those dates for about $8,400.
  • Art Teacher Laura Nicholls is resigning at the end of this school year.

Board Recognition

  • Nanuet School Board President Anne Byrne is going to be the new secretary-treasurer for the National School Board Association. She ran unopposed and will begin her position
  • The board nominated Ron Hansen for the Rockland County BOCES Board. The term runs from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2015. 


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