Wallet-Friendly Back-to-School Price Chart

With school just around the corner, shop smart with this Back-to-School price chart that compares school supplies from four different Nanuet stores.

Summer's winding down and the first school day is on the horizon. Frugal mothers are scanning through ads for the best spot for cheap school supplies. To save time and gas, here's four stores in Nanuet surveyed just yesterday: 

  1. Staples (230 w. rt 59)
  2. Target (50 Spring Valley Market Pl)
  3. Office Depot (135 e. rt 59)
  4. Pathmark (195 Rockland Ctr). Target's not in Nanuet, but it's close enough to be a contender for school supplies.

The items priced at each store were:

  • Marble Composition Notebooks
  • Binders: 2-inch and 1-inch
  • Loose Leaf Paper
  • Dividers: 5 tab and 8 tab
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Index Cards: 3x5 and 4x6
  • Calculators: from Basic to Scientific
  • Highlighters
  • 1-subject Spiral Notebook

After a quick tally of which store had the best deal, Target left the others in the dust. Out of the 13 items listed above (binders, dividers, index cards and calculators were counted twice because two different items were priced at each location), Target had the cheapest supplies in 8 of the items.
Pathmark had the cheepest loose leaf paper and 5 tab dividers. Office Depot had the cheapest 1-inch binder and scientific calculator leaving Staples as the only one with one winning deal: the marble composition notebooks.

However, Staples only had the cheapest marble composition notebooks because its deal has a catch: each notebook is 10¢ for the first three, 99¢ for any after that with a minimum $5 purchase; so after the math is done, one must buy eight to get in on the 10¢ deal. 

On the other hand, Staples and Office Depot had the largest selection and variety of school supplies. They also offered specials for bulk buys so banding together with other families may be a wise choice. Their cheapest supplies were mostly generic brands. Pathmark, although limited in selection, stocked only recognizable brands and eco-friendly supplies. For the week's current specials, go to the stores' websites. 

For your child's school supply list, click on the school name below:

Miller Elementary

Highview Elementary

MacArthur Barr Middle School

Carolyn D. August 25, 2010 at 03:34 AM
I love the story about the school supplies Ms. Tran. I stopped by Pathmark today to buy the looseleaf paper. Thanks for doing my leg work!


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