Big Lots Donates To Nanuet Schools To Mark Official Grand Opening

They donated $2,500 to the Nanuet School District an plan to be open all day Thanksgiving

There's a new store in town and it usually is a good thing with the jobs and consumer business it brings to the community, but Big Lots opened their hearts as well by donating to the Nanuet School District. Big Lots unofficially opened their doors Thursday, Dec. 10 but held their official grand opening this past Friday by presenting this check to the schools.

"We're very excited that they're contributing $2,500 to the school district," said Barr Middle School Principal Roger Guccione. "Because we're the closest school in proximity, it's initially coming to us, but it's going to be shared with all four schools. We're going to be able to use it for authors coming in and talking the kids, the anti-bullying programs and things that are really important to the school district. We'll be able to now have a little bit more for all the kids."

The $2,500 check is made out to Barr Middle School because it's geographically closest, but Superintendent Mark McNeill said at Tuesday's School Board meeting that it will be shared between the middle, high and elementary schools. School Board President Anne Byrne also came out for the ribbon cutting.

"It's really nice when businesses think about schools when they do come into a town so we're really grateful that they did think of us and are donating money to our schools because we really do need the money," said Byrne. "It's a terrible time for schools. we're getting cut from the federal level, from the state level and now from some of the town levels. We're really happy that they're donating to the school district and it will be money well spent. I wish all businesses would think of schools when they're thinking about who they want to donate to."

Big Lots' timing couldn't be any better with Black Friday shopping around the corner. They plan to stay open for Thanksgiving to give shoppers a head start on Black Friday sales.

"We're estatic. We do this will all of our new store openings," said Lenny Minolfo, Big Lots' district manager. "Big Lots always feels it needs to give back to the community and (build) a bond between the community and its stores. It's great ... people from the town are here and the principal of the school, the (school board president). It's a great start."

"It just shows that they're committed to the community and to their hamlet," said Alex Gromack, Clarkstown Supervisor. "This contribution to education shows where their heart is and it just gets off to a good start. A new business saying that we want the community to come and patronize us, but we're going to give back something. It's a good partnership and we're finding new businesses all over Clarkstown that are starting to be re-energize and people realize that Clarkstown is a quality place to live, grow a family and start a business. You have the new McDonalds, a new Nanuet Mall. In the hamlet of Nanuet, many good things are happening and it's very gratifying."

Matthew Brennan November 22, 2011 at 10:40 AM
Pathetic really. Our elected officials don't smile like this when the taxpayers fork over hundreds of millions of dollars in town and school district financing. What kind of photo opportunity is this that our elected officials are smiling for? A $2500 donation so a store so they can stay open on Thanksgiving? What about respecting Thanksgiving along with all of the other holidays? How about the people who work there and have to spend a holiday away from their family and friends. How about respecting and protecting the rights of workers? I am going to the arts and crafts store in this shopping mall and buying a marker so I can write "RESPECT THANKSGIVING" on the rear window and then "RESPECT CHRISTMAS" for the next holiday. Pathetic Really.
Richard November 22, 2011 at 12:25 PM
Matthew, you are so right. It's blood money, really. It's a payoff designed to make it look like they care about the community when all they care about is themselves. It's simply amazing that these officials have fallen for it, in lieu of a stupid photo op. Pathetic really.


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