UPDATE: Nanuet Mall to Become 'The Shops at Nanuet' with a Main Street [VIDEO]

Check back with Patch later today for information about the demolition, construction and a rough timeline from Simon

Last night was an informational meeting between the Clarkstown Planning Board and Simon Property Group, Inc., owner of the Nanuet Mall, at which Simon revealed its plans, walked through the concept and took questions from town officials.

Since this was an informational meeting, no questions were taken from the public.

“We are here now because Simon knows what it wants to do,” said Dwayne Furukawa, regional vice president of development for Simon.

Here are the main points (Keep reading below the list for more details):

  • Open-air Main Street concept
  • The ‘L’ road you see on the birds eye map is the ‘Main Street’ Simon is referring to when driving down Main Street, there will be 1- and 2-story buildings with shops/food on either side with independent entrances connecting to the sidewalks and streets.
  • There may be a movie theater and fitness/health club
  • Macy’s and Sears will remain as is through demolition and completion since they own their respective stores. The former Boscov’s building will be demolished
  • A completely new building will be built for a ‘gourmet grocery’ store
  • Internal demolition and asbestos work will start later this year. Fencing and major demo will begin Jan. 5, 2012, and should be done by June for site work to begin.
  • No stores for the site have been named yet; Simon is still in contracts and leases with stores.
  • The site plans may change as everything is still in a preliminary and working stage. The artist renderings of the street-level views will change because the drawings are only to depict the “flavor” and style of the new site and shop owners will ultimately decide the design and look of their store.

The Shops at Nanuet:

The new structure that will go up will be several buildings with an “open air” Main Street concept.

“The mentality is to change from a traditional enclosed mall to an outdoor center,” said Furukawa. “Currently we have a Main Street that runs through the project. This ‘L’ shape here is a series of 1-level story buildings with retail/restaurants within those. These buildings here between Macy’s and Sears … on the ground level are retail shops, and on the second level are multi-story (with) functional uses. Right now we’re talking to a cinema and a health club.”

Dorsky + Yue International LLC Architecture designed the current proposal. Furukawa added that there may be changes since everything is still very “preliminary” right now.

“The architecture we created for these buildings is we created a dialogue between the past and the present, alluding to these industrial pastoral buildings giving it a modern flair with new materials with glass and metal,” said Furukawa. “Each individual building will have its own identity, but (the design flavor) it all kind of ties together.”

The real importance … is Main street … you see quite a bit of that beige is around,” he added. The beige shading shows pedestrian walkways. “It’s not going to be sidewalks … we really want it (main street) to be a really animated experience, both from the vehicular and pedestrian (viewpoint) as you’re going through there.”

“(Along main street) there’s lots of plantings and lots of places for people to sit and relax. We envisioned water features incorporated throughout (main street). And areas, similar to this plaza area,” he said pointing to the beige triangular spot to the right of Sears, “… where there will be flexible area.”

More information?

After they’re finalized, renderings of all the drawings shown last night will soon be at the Planning Board office at Town Hall. Also, come to the next Nanuet Civic Association meeting at 7:15 p.m. Nov. 3 at the Nanuet Library’s community room where this topic will most likely be discussed. Simon is on the tentative schedule for the Planning Department’s Nov. 30 meeting.

Read about the meeting’s outcome in a 4-part series today and tomorrow. Later today, another article will look at demolition, construction and a rough timeline.

Eric Schatz October 27, 2011 at 02:27 PM
Patchy McPatchigans October 27, 2011 at 09:24 PM
i don't get the logic here. Did Simon forget that 1/2 of the year it's too cold, and that for at least 1/3rd of the year, we are battling snow and ice? who wants to go to a mall like that? did rockland county forget how bad the parking was at the nanuet mall when people actually flocked there? people had to park behind the "nanuet mall south" and walk over? Good luck fellas.
Arlene Langer October 28, 2011 at 02:51 PM
The new plans were sketchy. The presentation was poor. All I was left with is that it is to be little more than a glorified strip mall.
vinny narciso October 28, 2011 at 03:20 PM
you people are a bunch of complainers. simon is trying to do the rite thing. if they did nothing you would still complain. get a life !!!!!!!!!
Scott Walters October 28, 2011 at 04:50 PM
Simon isn't doing anything for anyone other than themselves. Read my comment regarding this in the Part 2 section. WItht he amount of high end malls SImon has in the region (but with N O real overlap), theysurely couls put in a high end mall here and get folks from Orange, Rockland, the top half of Bergen, etc. to come. The mall is the perfect squaref footage to do so, and they could offer sweetheart lease deals. They choose not to do this so they can have a corporate write off, which will be the real eventuality. :)
Travis Tekell October 30, 2011 at 12:48 AM
Mike January 01, 2012 at 07:36 PM
It's a stip mall with a little style. It's not going to change my mind about shopping at Paramus Park Mall when it gets cold and that means Xmas time.
elaine January 08, 2012 at 11:11 AM
i prefer to leave my coat in my car and shop in an indoor mall where i can do my weight bearing exercise in all seasons.
Muriel Pendleton February 02, 2012 at 01:46 AM
A gourmet supermarket? High end department stores? Are we living in NYC? Is Rockland County a rich county? When I heard about plans to become an outdoor mall, I wondered why Simon did not think about the cold weather and rain or snow? On crummy days, I prefer to do my shopping indoors. As usual, the planning never includes comments or views by normal people (the people who will be spending money. I am just waiting for it to fail with Simon wondering, what did we do wrong? They seem to forget that Woodbury Commons isn't that far away when you want to shop at the outlets. Right now it's the Palisades Mall and then I'm going to shop in NJ where there is no tax on clothing, which normally saves a fortune compared to shopping in Rockland County whose taxes are continually going up.
elizabeth mclaughlin March 02, 2012 at 08:12 PM
allot of nicey feel good, it's Green Party...
elizabeth mclaughlin March 02, 2012 at 08:13 PM
UN, Agenda 21, ICLEI, what foundation funds is Simon using>? Will they be paying taxes and when? Are people making sustainable incomes from real jobs or just jobs from not for profits that offers short term employment, capped wages>? People better wake up to these projects because it is not in your best interest. Greece went through the same thing along with Spain, Italy, . . Ireland... Research Agenda 21, ICLEI and have it removed immediately from your town, city, county, STATE!
d May 30, 2012 at 04:12 AM
I never liked shopping outdoors and still don't! Not to be negative or anything but, I just on't shop there because of that. Thees nothing upscale about shopping in the rain and snow. What a waste of space and reconstruction. They never get it right in Rockland County! Oh well, off to Garden s State or the Westchester. Too bad Simon, you could a been a contender! :o)
Anthony G. August 04, 2012 at 09:26 PM
As someone who has been shopping at Nanuet Mall since Fall of 1985, I can say that I will miss the Mall in its original form (our family still shops at Macy's and Sears since The Facts of Life were airing brand new episodes). One thing I've always commented on since I was an adolescent was that it was lacking a proper movie theater that would definitely draw crowds in, especially in the case of big "event movies". Its completely new design, though interesting to look at, does seem problematic when you consider that we -- in the Northeast aka The Tri-County Area -- have a four-season weather cycle. Considering our weather patterns for the year old Fall 2011 to Fall 2012, this "outdoors concept" works, since we've had very "weird" weather this last year (which is why I believe the construction is probably on- or even ahead-of-schedule). Now, if Winter of 2012-13 "does a 180", Simon and the residents have got a problem. It would be great to see some new shops that can be an alternative to Palisades Mall's fare, along w/ some new eateries, etc. I also think that can be beneficial to the strip mall and restaurants directly across the street. I've always thought Nanuet was a cool place to visit and hang out in, and hopefully this can cause a positive resurgence in the community...especially w/in the realm of employment opportunities. Honestly, the kid in me is still excited about a movie theater. I'd love to see some good flicks there.


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