Since 1969, Nanuet Animal Hospital Has Cared for Rockland's Pets

As a child, Dr. Michael Goldmann even brought his pets to Nanuet Animal Hospital


has been serving the Nanuet and Rockland County area since 1969, and 47-year-old veterinarian, Dr. Michael Goldmann, has been the owner for nine of those 43 years.

That’s a lot of smiles for his happy four-legged patients. You see, Goldmann and his happy staff smile – a lot.

“Pets give unconditional love,” he says with, of course, a smile. “They’re always there no matter what your mood is. They have feelings and pains and things that affect them.”

And when they do, Dr. Goldmann is sure to see them. The office, which cares for only cats and dogs and has separate entrances for both, offers wellness and senior wellness care, internal medicine and nutrition counseling, pain management, surgery, dental care and radiology, emergency and critical care, behavioral medicine and a fully stocked pharmacy, microchipping and radiosurgery, all under the watchful eye of a very caring staff.

Michael Goldmann, who earned both a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, grew up in Nanuet, and still resides here with his wife and children. In fact, any cats and dogs he owned growing up were cared for at Nanuet Animal Hospital. Prior to his ownership of the facility, he served as a supermarket manager, and then worked for his father-in-law in wholesale foods.

He owns two cats, four chickens, and a six-foot long Mexican milkwell snake. “The cats,” he laughs, “go from and will sleep bed to bed. The chickens give eggs.” And the snake? “My son brought it home from camp. It sits in its cage mostly.”

“I have been dealing with Nanuet Animal Hospital for over 20 years, the past eight or nine with Dr. Goldmann,” says Rockland County resident Sheila Campbell. “He has helped me through the trauma of losing an animal and through his excellent diagnostic ability he helped save my dog Baxter. He and his knowledgeable office staff create an environment of a caring family when it comes to my pets, Baxter and Major, and all the other animals they take care of.”

Although Nanuet Animal Hospital does both well, Goldmann would much rather perform preventive care than care for a sick dog. He impresses on pet owners the importance of exams.

“There are steps to take to prevent bigger problems your pet is not supposed to have. That’s the biggest thing for pet owners. We can pick up on issues, and that’s more important than giving vaccines. And that’s true as well for cats, who don’t come as often as dogs because their owners feel since they don’t go outside as often they won’t get sick. They could have issues that will lead to other problems. Exams are most important.”

Nanuet Animal Hospital is also one of the many supporters of the Highview Playground project – and with good reason.

“I grew up with the original playground,” Dr. Goldmann says, grinning again. “It’s nice to give back to the community.” He also supports local school plays, reunions, and shelters throughout Rockland County.

Nanuet Animal Hospital, 4 Avenue C, Nanuet, (845) 623-4469, www.nanuetanimalhospital.com


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