Somebody's Mom: Strawberry Place Review

Strawberry Place in Nyack is a happy place.

I called to confirm that they were open about an hour before Mela and I left to venture over the Tappan Zee Bridge to Rockland County. The young lady who answered the phone gave me directions to get to get there.

“Get off Exit 10, go straight after stop sign and turn right at light.”  

Sounded simple and easy for regular Rockland residents, but for Mela and me, Westchester residents, you need to remember to add that there is a left turn in there also. Since we didn’t have that bit of information, we ended up in Piermont. 

Fortunately, the next person who answered told us to turn back and gave us new directions. She also let us know if we needed to call again, she would be happy to help us get there.

My co-worker Larry, who lives in Rockland and is an avid Patch breakfast review reader, kept bugging me, “Have you gone yet to Strawberry Place yet? It is my wife’s favorite breakfast place?” 

Strawberry Place was crazy busy on a rainy Saturday morning a little after 10 a.m. when we arrived. People were sitting outside even in a light rain—that is how popular this place is. We waited just inside the door for a free table next to the waffle station. It is a great idea to have it positioned in that space, because we couldn’t wait to order a waffle. Karl Merring, the host, was zipping around finding tables and helping out everywhere. There was a counter, too, but every stool was filled.

After being seated, our waitress, Tracie McLee from Nyack, was trying to take our order in between having a customer come over and kissing—yes, kissing—her goodbye.  Tracie has been with Strawberry Place for 14 years, and we know why. She was really such a pleasure, not just with Mela and me but every table she was attending to—pouring coffees, entertaining babies as well as serving breakfast.

We ordered an asparagus, tomato, onion and cheddar cheese egg white omelet with home fries, and a side of bacon along with a waffle topped with chopped walnuts. By the way, neither item we ordered was on the menu; we customized both of our entrees. 

Strawberry Place had real maple syrup, real butter and delicious coffee that actually stayed hot in the mugs it is served in. They also offer sourdough toast as an option along with the regular choices. We got both sourdough and multi-grain toast. The sourdough was much better and I wouldn’t even bother with any other toast next time I visit Strawberry Place because the sourdough was that good. 

Honestly, I do mean it when I say our visit to Strawberry Place was great. The food overall was top notch and met our own strict standards. The people couldn’t have been more pleasant, from the phone lady to the host. It was definitely a happy place all around, customers and staff alike.

Our bill—at $19.25, without tip—was surprisingly low for all that was ordered. But leave your charge cards at home; Strawberry Place only takes cash!

Larry, I am really glad you sent me to Strawberry Place. Their motto—“Come in a Customer, Leave as a Friend”—really rang true for Mela and me. I can’t wait to go back, but I hope I remember that left turn!    

Strawberry Place
72 S. Broadway

Mariann Raftery, creator of Somebody's Mom blog, cooks up comfort food recipes for families here at home, as well as sending homemade cookie care packages to our American soldiers overseas. Somebody's Mom Cooking videos at http://www.youtube.com, search "Thesomebodysmom".


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