Nanuet Library HVAC Project to Cost $120K

The board members approved 3-2 to have Savin Engineers begin the task of replacing the three air conditioning units by summer, but the timeline is tight


The Nanuet Library's three air conditioning units on the roof are past their life expectancy and one of the three is malfunctioning.

Back in July, the Nanuet Library Board met and discussed the failing air conditioning unit with Honeywell representatives, which is the company the library uses for its current units. Last Wednesday, they held a special meeting with Steve Spangler of Savin Engineers, P. C. to go over their proposal.

The unit is faltering due to the hot weather and last summer, a temporary solution being used is a continuous spray of water on the problematic unit to cool it. However, last August, water from the sprinkler caused water to seep through the roof and into the children's room, damaging a section of new books on one of the shelves.

The project's cost is about $120,600, with $29,000 as the fee for Savin and the vote passed 3-2.

The board meets tonight at 7 p.m.

The Cost

The cost would be roughly $120,600, with $29,000 as the fee for Savin, plus reimbursable expenses for document reproduction, mileage and other standard reimbursable expenses.

RT Package Unit 1 30,000 RT Package Unit 2
30,000 Condensing Unit 20,000 Sub-total 80,000 Design and Administration 29,000 Contingency 11,600 Total 120,600

Winoker asked if the board would bond the money or if it would come out of current revenues.

“There’s no way to finance it so we have to pay for it (out of current revenues),” said Joe Modafferi, the library’s accountant. He added that the reason they couldn’t go out and bond it was that there wasn’t enough time to formally do a public vote for the bond and have the new units installed this summer.

“Next year, instead of having money to reduce taxes, we will have to override the 2 percent tax cap. We have no choice,” added Modafferi. “If (the public) doesn’t accept the fact that we’re going over the cap, we’ll have problems next year.”

The Vote

The board members approved 3-2 to hire Savin Engineers, with members Winoker and Corriel voting against it.

“I don’t see that we have much choice in the matter, but it’s a very tight timeframe,” said Corriel. Corriel and Winoker disapproved of paying $29,000 for $80,000 worth of materials. “Why not wait  and price out another engineering firm?” Winoker echoed Corriel’s thoughts, wanting the board to price out more engineering firms first.

“In these kinds of projects that I’ve worked on before in Haverstraw, the cost of service of planning is close to this here,” said Modaferri.

“We have to have the budget done in two months with a 5-year capitol improvements plan worked in. We’ve been discussing this for two years … and only dealing with band-aids and patching things up,” said Kimmel, who along with board members Mary Noberini and Tim Donnelly, voted for the proposal. “We need to move. It’s time.”

Noberini added that since the library has used Savin in the past, she felt comfortable with the “quality of their work.”

“And they’re familiar with the building,” said Bobbie Russell, clerk to the board.

“Also, we are a public service. People rely on the services and the building itself,” said Bell, referring to the library being used as a cooling center during the heat alerts last summer. “Also, I can’t imagine possibly having to close the children’s room and programs during the summer.”

“I think this will be the best for the patrons, taxpayers and the staff,” said Donnelly, referring to staff possibly having to work all day in the heat if the air conditioning units do fail this summer.

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