Hi-Tor's Pet of the Week: Raven

Raven is a beautiful, young long-haired tortoiseshell cat that loves attention. She is very friendly and has no problems with other cats when she is let out of her cage. Last fall Raven took refuge in a garage where she gave birth to kittens. She was not a feral cat and probably had either gotten lost or was thrown out because she was pregnant. Raven was very frightened and probably not sure what had happened to her. It took a little time before she began to nurse the kittens and even then she wasn't having anything else to do with them. Eventually her maternal instincts kicked in and she became a great mother. She even started nursing at least one kitten that was not hers. 

If you are interested in adoption this gem, please contact Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, 65 Fireman’s Memorial Drive, Pomona, NY (845-354-7900).

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GM February 27, 2014 at 05:16 PM
I wouldn't get any animal from Hi-tor ever again. I Adopted a cat and then found out a few weeks later there was a virus outbreak they never called to let me know and my kitten developed FIP and died one month after I adopted him and was very expensive to find out why he was sick.Hi-tor should pay more attention to what they are doing.Hope my other 3 cats don't get this deadly disease I will be so heart broken as I was with losing this loveable kitten .
Richard Maurer February 28, 2014 at 02:54 PM
I am so very sorry your kitten contracted this dread disease. As you may have already learned, while Hi-Tor tests all its kittens and cats for fatal diseases such as FIV and FLV, there is as yet no definitive diagnostic test for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Since I am a long-time Hi-Tor volunteer but do not actually work there, I don't know all the details of the virus outbreak you spoke of, but one I am aware of involved feline panleukopenia virus (FPV, aka feline distemper), not FIP, and led to a 2-3 week quarantine of the entire feline population there. Hi-Tor has a very caring, hard-working staff who would never knowingly adopt out a sick cat. Also, the adoption process includes a complimentary vet visit, whose purpose is to help prevent such a possibility.
CMR February 28, 2014 at 07:58 PM
Excuse me Richard we adopted the kitten A DAY before the quarantine we have adoption papers to prove that adoption date and I called the shelter when they closed for disease and they told me it was closed for distemper/parvo/coronavirus and we had nothing to worry about for our cat...you had no public posting about the disease or didnt give the courtesy to call anyone who adopted a cat to let them know to be aware and thats what above comment GMs cat died if is corona virus. It dont take a rocket scientist to call someone to warn them and to realize we adopted the cat the DAY before the shelter closed and he was sick when he left the shelter. He was in a cage with sick cats and hitor discovered the viruses the next day somthe kittens contact with the others made him sick, I called a week ago and asked again about the December closing and asked if it was those viruses since HiTor gives the run around and the girl who answered the phone said yes again. Your covering up and I have a email from Sharon Needleman from hitor.org as if of yesterday stating HiTor closed for those diseases so its in written proof...my cousin and his mom volunteer there for years themselves and that how I found out about the 3 diseases you closed in December. Corona virus can take a week to a month or so to make a cat real sick if not educated you can call my vet at Valley Cottage animal,hospital to help your caring self. If you volunteer there how are you not aware of the outbreak? FIP is from corona virus call a vet and they will explain the disease 845-268-9263, I have donated lots of money to HiTor as well as food and blankets and the staff dont even say thank you they take the food, money and blankets and turn around like I am bothering them....not a very greatly run shelter. Theres so much controversy lately with the shelter and the public is realizing it so you guys better get your act together. i know of 10'people who donate often and they aren't so you lost about $1000 in dontions


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