Clarkstown OKs Stormwater Agreement for Banchetto Feast

Banchetto Feast is moving to Middletown Road


Nanuet Mall's owners Simon Property plans to change the mall into an . Their site plans shows that will move from inside the mall to a single-story stand-alone building on the outskirts of the property.

It will be relocated at the north end of the site on Middletown Road with 72 parking spaces on 1.11 acres. The Planning Board approved the out-parcel move at a .

At Thursday's Town Board meeting, Clarkstown authorized Simon's stormwater agreement for Banchetto Feast.

When the Planning Board approved the final map with regard to the Banchetto Restaurant site, this stormwater control facility maintenance agreement was one of the conditions. The agreement was also recommended by the Department of Environmental Control.

Clarkstown's town attorney, Amy Mele, said the document is in proper legal form.

Marcos Mess January 01, 2012 at 10:34 PM
I think that is great for Banchetto! They will do better there I bet. The thing I don't get is the tearing down oof the mall..... why not take that money that is due to be "invested" (as if it will really go all the way through and become a mall and not abandoned) so you take 1/2 that money to be invested and give special deals for rent to get some good anchor stores and restaraunts that arent in the sinking mall. the idea being unless you have those stores that the other doesnt have..... I don't care what you build it isn't gonna make it. someone tell them...cut the rent for 1 or 2 years and get some new stores in....
Tomas Maccio March 25, 2012 at 08:43 PM
The mall has strong bones [architecturally], I mean. It is a shame that they are tearing the majority of it down to build this open-air concept. Not that I am against the open-air concept (they have such a concept implemented at the Cross-County Center in Yonkers, and [at least to my knowledge], it has been pretty successful). However, I still think tearing down the majority of the mall (save Sears and Macys) is a pretty drastic measure. Maybe it is the environmentalist/conservationist in me, but perhaps they could have done a lot better by merely enhancing/tweaking the beauty that was already there (eg: implementing green technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of the structure, therefore updating the mall). Then again, it is probably too late, as they have started demolition.


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