First Albertus Magnus Multi-Class Reunion [VIDEO]

The first five classes came together

It's always good to see a familiar face. For about 90 people, they reunited at Albertus Magnus High School after having graduated about 50 years ago from that school. The classes of 1961-1965 came together at AMHS Saturday night as part of their homecoming weekend reunion. This is the first ever multi-class reunion at Albertus.

"It was George's idea," said Laura (Collins) Ulrich, who helped organize the event. She and George Brennan are from the class of 1962. "George started (planning) two years ago."

"(I contacted others) mostly through email and through mailing also," said Brennan. They used Classmates.com, Facebook, websites, email and phone to get everyone together.

"We have some out of towners," said Ulrich, who came from mid-Jersey. Brennan, however, takes the prize for distance. He traveled all the way from Phoenix.

"It's great," said Brennan. "I sincerely believe that this is the finest group of people I've ever been with."

"I always felt special to be part of the first classes at Albertus," said Ulrich. The first few classes were the first to go to the Albertus building. Everyone attended a school in Blauvelt before Albertus was built. In 1963, Albertus was built and was then open for students."

As for the other classmates, Ulrich said that "some are surprises" as to how they turned out 50 years later and "some are improvements."

At the event, there was a large ice sculpture with the Albertus name. Vincent Abbatecola, class of 64, created it for the event. He's the Chief Executive of Abbey Ice & Spring Water Company.

Ulrich and Brennan reminisced going to Albertus in the 60s.

"The skirts came down to here," said Ulrich, gesturing to her mid calf.

Brennan remembered that the bathroom across the cafeteria was the "magic bathroom because at the end of the day, the girls would all go into that bathroom, but they'd come out with their skirts three inches higher."

"Now, it (Albertus) looks like there's more opportunities," said Ulrich. "It was just a start up back then. There wasn't that many sports or activities."


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