Invention Convention Comes To Highview Elementary

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A recycled plastic soccer net, a self watering recycled vase and water bottle hourglass are a few of the many impressive ideas that fourth graders came up with at Highview Elementary's Invention Convention.

85 students came up with ideas for a "green" solution in small groups or as individuals. They had to come up with an observation table, brainstorm, create and test their project. At Invention Convention, their creations were on display and they explained their invention to students, parents and teachers who roamed freely around the gym, visiting each invention.

"Invention Convention is a great voluntary program where children do an invention. They make something using recycled material and present it all day this week to various people including Dr. McNeill and Dr. Schlanger," said Principal Barbara Auriemma. "They get a medal and tshirt for participating."

Teacher Anna Sexton organized the event.

Nina Katz created the Barbie "Green" House.

"It uses food containers like a potato chip bag or (snack) boxes and I always see my family throw them out so I decided to use it for this," she said.

John Clarke created a portable checkers table. He made a checkers board and fastened it on top of four empty milk cartons.

"It has rocks in the milk cartons to make it heavy and (the milk carton) handles are facing out so you can pick it up and move it," said Clarke. "I used Gorilla glue and I pushed them (the milk cartons) together and let it dry for two days so it sticks."

Rachel Chan and Jenna Olson created a desktop organizer out of yogurt cups and toilet paper roll tubes.

"This took two days," said Chan. "I had something at home that's (similar) and wanted to make it out of different materials."

Madison Remigio made a plastic flower planter box out of Chinese takeout plastic containers.

"Instead of buying a vase, you can just make one. It will reduce waste because (the takeout containers) won't end up in landfills," said Remigio.

Tracy Koenig and Lois Nam created can cap jewelry using plastic craft string to braid soda can pop tops together forming bracelets.

"She came in one day wearing it and I told her it would be a great idea for invention convention," said Teacher Marla Banks.

Sebastian McChesney and Ameen Kunnathu created a solar system on a bicycle tire.

"We though of a telescope but it was too hard and too big. We though about space and we came up with a solar system," said Kunnathu. "You can spin it too."


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