Lake Nanuet Drainage To Wait 6-8 Weeks

Clarkstown is working on the catch basins right now and will do more drainage work in the fall


Lake Nanuet, a fun place to go to cool off in the summertime. But when it floods, it closes for a while, and sometimes for the rest of the summer. 

Bryan “Chip” Connington, Recreation Supervisor for Clarkstown Parks and Recreation, said that Clarkstown is currently filling the towns' pools: Germonds, Congers and Lake Nanuet.

"As for the Lake Nanuet drainage, it'll be another 6-8 weeks," said Connington. "They're trying to get as much done as possible with the catch basins. In the fall, we'll do more drainage work with the stream that goes around (the park)."

A Nanuet Civic Association Member asked Connington "if there was heavy rain between now and when the drainage is complete, coul Lake Nanuet be shut down?" which the answer was yes.


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